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Scenario Planning Peer Workshop Report - Birmingham, Alabama

Appendix A. Small Group Breakouts and Participant Responses

This appendix provides a record of responses received during two small-group discussions held during the workshop. The first discussion helped attendees connect scenario planning to the Birmingham region and identify components from SPC's experiences that would be particularly relevant for the region. The second discussion provided an opportunity for participants to consider in detail how scenario planning could work in the region.

Discussion One

What are the top three ideas most relevant to the greater Birmingham region that you learned from SPC's presentation?

What values might guide future transportation planning in the greater Birmingham region?

What are your expectations from RPCGB's regional plan development process?

Discussion Two

What would a successful scenario planning/regional transportation plan process in the greater Birmingham region look like for this group?

Recurring themes from tables:

All responses:

What issues should be brought together in the scenario planning process (e.g., economic development, fuel prices, disaster recovery, water conservation)?

As the Greater Birmingham region moves forward with scenario planning, who should be involved? Who would be the core stakeholders and local champions?

Based on what you know about scenario planning so far, what resources do we already have for scenario planning and what resources would we need?

What we have:

What we need:

What about scenario planning do you think would be most useful to the greater Birmingham region, and what about it might be challenging?

Updated: 5/13/2014
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