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Scenario Planning Peer Workshop Report - Vancouver, Washington

Appendix A. Small Group Breakouts and Participant Responses

This appendix includes responses compiled from small group breakout sessions that occurred during the workshop. During the first small group breakout session, workshop participants discussed Alan Matheson's presentation and its relevance to Clark County. During the second small group breakout session, participants answered and discussed five questions that explored how Clark County might get started with scenario planning.

Small Group Breakout Session #1

1) What are the top three ideas most relevant to Clark County that you learned from Envision Utah's values presentation?

Most common responses:

Other responses:

2) What values might guide future land use and transportation planning in Clark County?

Most common responses:

Compilation of all responses:

Small Group Breakout Session #2

1) Based on what you know about scenario planning so far, what about it do you think would be most useful to Clark County and what about it might be challenging?

Why scenario planning would be useful:

Challenges that might be encountered:

2) If this region were to move forward with scenario planning, who might be the core stakeholders and local champions?

Potential stakeholders could include:

Potential champions could include the mayor of Vancouver, city managers, business executives, chamber of commerce leaders, the president of the University of Washington-Clark County, or local staff from Washington senators' and representatives' offices.

3) How might scenario planning work within existing planning processes (e.g. regional planning)?

All responses:

4) What resources do we already have for scenario planning?

All responses:

5) How could scenario planning be successful in the current local political/social context?

All responses:

Updated: 5/13/2014
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