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Public Involvement Plan

The Public Involvement Plan (PIP) outlines the public involvement tools that will be used during the 3rd Infantry Division Highway Corridor Study. A public involvement program is traditionally not warranted for a study of the scope represented in Phase 1. However, the need for a PIP was determined based on the existing level of public knowledge and controversy surrounding the project and previous efforts. Phase 1 of the program will be focused on creating awareness of the study, educating stakeholders on the study process and objectives, and obtaining early stakeholder input. The following strategies, as described further in Section 7.0, will be used in Phase 1:

The Public Involvement Plan is considered a living document throughout the course of this study, and will be amended as necessary to include project changes.

An Expert Working Group (EWG) is the decision-making group leading the 3rd Infantry Division Highway Corridor Study. The purpose of the EWG is to consider the information provided by the study team in the context of other state and regional plans and goals. The EWG is comprised of representatives from transportation and planning agencies, environmental resource agencies and a citizen's advocacy group. The EWG will meet at least four times during this first phase at key study milestones. View the EWG page to learn more.

The public involvement program will be conducted in accordance with local, State and Federal guidelines and requirements. If this study proceeds into Phase 2, this PIP will be expanded to provide a more comprehensive public involvement program following a thorough assessment of stakeholder needs, issues and concerns. You are encouraged to provide comments at

Updated: 3/22/2013
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