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TCSP Federal Register Notice-FHWA Docket No. FHWA-98-4370

Federal Highway Administration [FHWA Docket No. FHWA-98-4370]
Transportation Equity Act For the 21st Century (TEA-21);
Implementation for the Transportation and Community and System Preservation Pilot Program


Section 1221 of the TEA-21 (Public Law 105-178, 112 Stat. 107 (1998)) established the TCSP. The Department of Transportation's Strategic Plan (1997-2003) includes a series of goals related to safety, mobility and access, economic growth and trade, enhancement of communities and the natural environment, and national security. The TCSP pilot program furthers each of these goals and provides funding for grants and research to investigate and address the relationship between transportation and community and system preservation. By funding innovative activities at the neighborhood, local, metropolitan, regional, and State levels, the program is intended to increase the knowledge of the costs and benefits of different approaches to integrating transportation investments, community preservation, land development patterns, and environmental protection. It will enable communities to investigate and address important relationships among these many factors.

The TCSP program offers the States, local governments, MPOs, tribal governments, and other public agencies the opportunity to develop, implement and evaluate current preservation practices and activities that support these practices, as well as to develop new and innovative approaches to meet the purposes of the TCSP grant program (see Section II). Funding for the TCSP was authorized at $25 million per year for FY's 2000 through 2003 by TEA-21. The Administration's FY 2000 budget proposed increased funding for TCSP to $50 million as part of the President's Livability Initiative. Under the Department of Transportation and Related Appropriations Act, FY 2000, (Public Law 106-69, 113 Stat. 986 (1999)), the Congress authorized $25 million for 39 special projects and provided an additional $10 million to the TCSP to fund FY 2000 applications. The FHWA received 292 grant proposals for FY 2000 which are being reviewed. FY 2000 awards are planned to be made in December 1999.

This notice includes three sections: Section I - TCSP Program Information; Section II - Requests for FY 2001 TCSP Grants; and Section III - Recommendations for FY 2001 TCSP Research.

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