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TCSP - Project Descriptions

1999 Grant Recipient Information
West Virginia

Historic Baltimore & Ohio Roundhouse Renovation Project
Martinsburg, WV


The TCSP component of the Historic B&O Roundhouse Renovation Project will consist of two elements. First, the planning element of the project will contain several segments. One will allow for the development of Plans and Specifications for the renovation/restoration of the Historic B&O Roundhouse complex. The design of the renovation/restoration of the historic complex will be a key element to the successful development of a major public-sector multi-use facility. Once completed, the facility will function as a major resource that will mobilize and serve a multitude of institutions and citizens from the entire community and its immediate region. This will be accomplished by expanding retail trade associated with both the travel and tourism industry, the public transportation system (MARC and PanTran), the institution of a public service for intermodal commercial transportation, and by the establishment of a historic theme-based facility which will serve as the centerpiece of the region's valuable cultural, historic, travel and recreational endowments. Another segment will be a plan establish an intermodal operations center for the coordination of intermodal transportation services relating to port commerce, commuter systems, commercial trade, travel and tourism. This operations center would tie together the highway, rail and air transportation system from within the inland intermodal port area to the historic infrastructure links (like the B&O Roundhouse and the George Washington Heritage Trail) in a manner which will enhance commerce, cultural/recreational opportunities, and transportation "best practices". The other segment will consist of the development of a Facility Use Plan which will chart the course for the development of the entire complex. These two segments will work together to provide the direction for local officials and the community as they strive to both preserve and effectively transform the existing facility into a key element of the entire transportation, retail trade and community complex which has become the vision for this region.

The second element of the project will provide for the implementation of one important component of the overall project, the purchase of a trolley bus. This vehicle will be used separately from the existing public transportation system to address transportation needs associated with the successful operation of the renovated facility. It will provide a key short term commuter linkage of the existing transportation system by providing access to the MARC Train and the Pan Tran Public Transportation System. It will also enhance the retail trade associated with the travel and trade industries which are a vital element of the region. Therefore, this implementation element of the project will serve as a critical "bridge" between the extensive complex which has been envisioned, the existing and future transportation system and the community.

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