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Track A: Best Practices - By Past TCSP Funding Recipients

St. Lucie County, FL: Treasure Coast Transportation Plan (FY 2000)

Jody Bonet, St. Lucie County, Florida MPO

St. Lucie County's $117,000 TCSP grant is being used to actively engage teenagers in the transportation planning process. The MPO for St. Lucie County is utilizing the ideas of teenagers to improve pedestrian comfort and safety in Ft. Pierce, a town where many families do not own cars. The grant will help introduce consideration of transportation alternatives in an area where previous transportation plans have focused on building and expanding roads.

The project is unique in that the activities funded by the grant will evolve from the resident teenagers' perspective, input, and analysis. The teenagers are constructing a community survey, web-based information, and an alternative transportation plan of needed improvements to enhance pedestrian comfort and safety in the Ft. Pierce area. Currently, foot traffic is the primary mode of transportation in the town of Ft. Pierce, as 7 in 10 families do not own cars and there is no scheduled transit service. As a result many families lack transportation alternatives and they often interface with roads with no sidewalks and poor signage. The Treasure Coast Transportation Plan will address the issues of safety, signage, and roadway design uniquely from the viewpoint of its youngest residents.

Updated: 8/1/2013
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