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Using ITS Data in Performance-Based Planning



Date: Thursday, November 14, 2013
Time: 14:00
Location: Online


FHWA has just released the Performance-Based Planning and Programming Guidebook, which describes effective practices that steer transportation professionals towards a performance-based approach for planning and programming. This publication, along with other reports and activities summarized in FHWA's Transportation Planning for Operations: Quick Guide to Practitioner Resources, can foster increased codependence between planners and traffic management center operators and add value to planning outputs.

This presentation will outline the development of performance measures and data-sets using the traffic management center vantage point. It will provide detailed examples of how recurring and nonrecurring congestion is being quantified, monitored, and used to evaluate performance trends and the effectiveness of various projects and programs.


Brian Hoeft, Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada

Mr. Brian Hoeft is the Director of the Freeway and Arterial System (FAST) of Transportation for the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada. FAST is responsible for freeway operations and signal coordination in Southern Nevada. Brian has been with RTC since 2002; he began as the Principal Planner in charge of Travel Demand Modeling. Brian worked for FHWA in the early 90s and was involved with technical assistance and outreach related to congestion management activities. He has a Bachelor of Civil Engineering and a Master of Engineering Management degree from Brigham Young University.

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