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Early Deployment of TRANSIMS: Issue Paper

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Publication Year:
August 1999

early deployment program, TRANSIMS, TMIP, travel forecasting procedures


TRANSIMS is coming! The Early Deployment Program (EDP) described in this document is designed to help move this new integrated travel demand forecasting and air quality analysis tool from research to application. This document describes the Transportation Analysis Simulation System (TRANSIMS) EDP, TRANSIMS capabilities and status, and how transportation planning agencies can be involved in the EDP.

The EDP will build on the multi-year effort to develop TRANSIMS, a suite of advanced travel forecasting procedures. The EDP will support selected transportation planning organizations across the country in implementing these new procedures. TRANSIMS offers advanced analysis capability, but the implementation of this new package will require a greater level of data collection, advanced computers, and extensive training of both agency and consultant staff. To accomplish these tasks, the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) will commit both financial and staff support for the planning organizations ready to take this major step.

This Issue Paper is the first in a series of papers that will describe the EDP and TRANSIMS. The purpose of this paper is to introduce TRANSIMS to technical, management, and transportation policy professionals. Addressing such a broad audience requires a fairly general description of the modeling details and technical specifications. Subsequent documents will provide more detail. Getting Ready for TRANSIMS, the next document in this series, will include more information on data, computer, and training requirements. Transportation planning agencies interested in using TRANSIMS will find that document useful in designing a program to improve their current models, both to improve the sensitivity of existing models and to position themselves for a smoother implementation of TRANSIMS in the future. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a partner in TRANSIMS development, is preparing an Air Quality Conformity White Paper, which will describe how air quality regulations affecting transportation planning will be addressed in the EDP. A final document, TRANSIMS Description, will provide a detailed description of every aspect of TRANSIMS, its data requirements, and its operation.

TRANSIMS is still in the development stage, and the EDP is being fine tuned. Therefore readers will frequently be given the "most recent thinking" concerning particular issues or topics. However, with the growing interest in TRANSIMS and the EDP and the possible effects on transportation planning in the future, these important issues and topics need to be introduced as soon as possible. The final section of this report will describe how to keep current on this program.

This paper begins with a description of the EDP and the TRANSIMS software, followed by the selection process and program funding. Finally, there are instructions on obtaining more information regarding the Travel Model Improvement Program (TMIP), TRANSIMS, and the EDP and remaining involved in the process.

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