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Peer Review Program At A Glance

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January 2013

Program Overview

TMIP works collaboratively with the transportation modeling community to improve information sharing and support the best available tools, data and methods. TMIP's Peer Review Program provides an agency the opportunity to elicit recommendations for addressing its current modeling challenges and those expected to arise due to growth and/or transportation policy changes. Peer reviews are customized to meet the specific needs of the host agency, but generally consist of the following elements:

Planning Ahead

While a peer review offers significant benefits, there are some responsibilities the host agency must assume. A clear understanding of the peer review program and process is critical before an agency should elect to apply for and subsequently host a peer review. The agency should at a minimum consider a number of self-assessment questions to determine whether a review is appropriate.

The TMIP Peer Review Process Guide provides a roadmap for host agencies that are considering whether to convene a TMIP sponsored peer review. The process guide is designed to help agencies:

The TMIP Peer Review Process Guide is available at:

What to Expect From The Peer Review

A peer review is: A peer review is not:
An objective assessment of the model with respect to the state of the practice and the modeling goals of the agency. A rubber stamp that can be used to "prove" that the model is sufficient
A tool to help the agency decide how to proceed in model improvement activities. A regulatory activity. Peer panelists do an objective assessment of the model; they do not provide an official commentary on the adequacy of the model.
An opportunity for all attendees to expand their professional network. A review meant to address only FTA New Starts modeling requirements without additional substantive goals.
An educational opportunity for all attendees to learn from each other. Free consultant services. Peer panelists volunteer their time. Host agencies should be mindful of this so they do not ask too much from panelists

Agency Testimonials

"I would highly recommend involvement in the program. Small agencies with limited technical capabilities are likely to greatly benefit from the program." – Jeff Gilbert, Cache County MPO

"It is recommended that any large agency/MPO with a complex region take advantage of this program. The larger MPOs with complex and diverse transportation region will benefit most from this program." – Sangeeta Bhowmick, NYMTC

Expert Review Panels

Expert peer review panel members volunteer their time. The panel members are critical to the success of the Peer Review Program and provide practitioners with a unique opportunity to shape the advancement of modeling practices, while participating in a valuable peer networking and knowledge sharing experience. Interested in volunteering? Please contact us.

Title: Panel Composition To Date - Description: The figure shows a bar chart displaying the composition of peer review panels since 2003. 40% mpo staff, 30% consultant, 12% academic, 8% federal staff and 6% state agency staff

Program Assessment

TMIP periodically performs an in-depth assessment and evaluation of the Peer Review Program to identify the common trends, themes and challenges faced by state departments of transportation (DOTs) and metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) in the development, application and improvement of their travel modeling tools and procedures. The most recent assessment was conducted in December 2011 and yielded the following key findings:

Participating Agencies to Date

Thirty-eight (38) peer reviews at thirty-two (32) different agencies have been convened since the Peer Review Program was inaugurated in 2003. Hyperlinks in the list jump to individual agency peer review reports. Peer review final reports.

AMATS Anchorage Metro Area Transp. Solutions

ADOT Arizona Dept. of Transp.

AMBAG Associated Monterey Bay Area Gov'ts

ARC Atlanta Regional Commission

BMC Baltimore Metropolitan Council

BRC Bi-State Regional Commission


CAMPO Capitol Area MPO

CHCNGA-TPO Chattanooga-Hamilton County/North Georgia TPO

CCMPO Chittenden County MPO

COMPASS Community Planning Association

DRCOG Denver Regional Council of Gov'ts

DVRPC Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission


ECIA East Central Intergovernmental Association

EWGCG East-West Gateway Council of Gov'ts

GDOT Georgia Department of Transp.

IaDOT Iowa Dept. of Transp.

MATA Memphis Area Transit Authority

MAPA Metropolitan Area Planning Agency

MTC Metropolitan Transp. Commission

NYMTC New York Metropolitan Transp. Council

NCDOT North Carolina Dept. of Transp.

NJTPA North Jersey Transp. Planning Authority

OKI Ohio Kentucky Indiana Regional Council of Gov'ts

PPACG Pikes Peak Area Council of Gov'ts

SACOG Sacramento Area Council of Gov'ts

SFCTA San Francisco County Transp. Authority

SCAG Southern California Association of Gov'ts

SEMCOG Southeast Michigan Council of Gov'ts

SANDAG San Diego Association of Gov'ts

TRPC Thurston Regional Planning Council

Title: Peer Review Program Participants Across the United States - Description: The figure contains a map of the United States showing the 20 states and 32 urbanized areas where TMIP Peer Review Meetings have been convened since 2003

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