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Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Express Toll Lane Modeling Workshop Peer Review Report

Table of Contents

List of Tables

Table 1: Florida DOT Districts.

Table 2: FDOT Project Development Process.

Table 3: FDOT Managed Lane Modeling Concept Plan

List of Figures

Figure 1: Florida DOT District Map.

Figure 2: Florida Turnpike System Map (2012 FY Report)

Figure 3: FDOT ETMD Process

Figure 4: I-95 Express Analysis Flow Chart

Figure 5: Types of Traffic & Revenue Studies

List of Acronyms

ABM Activity-Based Model

ConOps Concept of Operations

CPS Corridor Planning Study

DRCOG Denver Regional Council of Governments

DTA Dynamic Traffic Assignment

ETDM Efficient Transportation Decision Making

FDOT Florida Department of Transportation

FHWA Federal Highway Administration

FSUTMS Florida Standard Urban Transportation Model Structure

FTE Florida's Turnpike Enterprise

HCM Highway Capacity Manual

HCS Highway Capacity Manual Software

HOV High-Occupancy Vehicle

HOT High-Occupancy Toll

IOAR Interchange Operational Analysis Report

ITS Intelligent Transportation Systems

LRTP Long-Range Transportation Plan

MOE Measure of Effectiveness

MPO Metropolitan Planning Organization

O&M Operations and Maintenance

PD&E Project Development and Environment

PET Project Evaluation Toolkit

PSRC Puget Sound Regional Commission

RPS Revealed Preference Survey

SHS State Highway System

SPS Stated Preference Survey

T&R Traffic and Revenue

TAT FHWA Traffic Analysis Toolbox

TMIP Travel Model Improvement Program

TMU Transit Model Update

VMT Vehicle Miles Traveled

VPH Vehicles per Hours

Updated: 3/25/2014
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