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San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA) Travel Model Peer Review Report

3.0 Model Improvement Plan

Implementation of a DTA model for San Francisco was a major step for SFCTA towards analyzing proposed transit improvements, analyzing traffic diversions caused by those transit improvements, and comparing the effectiveness of roadway pricing alternatives. While DTA has been known in research circles for some years, it is only now breaking into practice as a usable tool for planners. Many of its applications thus far have not been focused on dense, transit-rich, congested urban locations such as the San Francisco Bay area. Therefore, this project would serve as a case study for other cities with similar networks which are considering DTA implementation.

The Authority's vision is to improve their travel model in the following ways:

All tools and methods developed during this project will be open-source and hence will help other regions faced with similar policy questions leverage from them and improve their models.

SFCTA requested an objective assessment of their modeling needs with respect to state of the practice and the modeling goals of the agency. SFCTA looked to the peers for advice on a systematic approach to model enhancements, and technical guidance on modeling processes to address the various policy and investment questions.

SFCTA, along with its partner agencies, will critically assess the feedback from the peers when prioritizing its model development plan. While the advice of the peers is invaluable, there are many factors to work through when considering a model improvement strategy, and therefore the recommendations of the peers should be regarded as recommendations for SFCTA and its partners to consider.

Updated: 1/23/2014
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