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Transportation Research


Part I, Safety-Conscious Planning Forums

Part II, Facilitator's Toolkit

TRANSPORTATION Number E-C041, July 2002 RESEARCH ISSN 0097-8515

Committee on Transportation Safety Management (A3B01)

Leanna Depue, Chair
Robert L. Thompson
Christine M. Branche
Susan N. Bryant
Adele Derby
Robert D. Ervin
Michael M. Finkelstein
Barbara L. Harsha
Kathleen F. Hoffman
Jack D. Jernigan
Ronald R. Knipling
William B. McCormick
Raj Muthusamy
Hubrecht Ribbens
Caryll F. Rinehart
William C. Rogers
Eugene R. Russell, Sr.
Randolph Sanderson
James R. Shanafelt
Edward A. Starosielec, Jr.
Michael F. Trentacoste
Thomas C. Werner
Anthony D. Wyatt
John J. Zogby
Richard F. Pain, TRB Representative

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National Research Council
2101 Constitution Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20418

The Transportation Research Boardis a division of the National Research Council, which serves as an independent adviser to the federal government on scientific and technical questions of national importance. The National Research Council, jointly administered by the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, and the Institute of Medicine, brings the resources of the entire scientific and technical community to bear on national problems through its volunteer advisory committees.

The Transportation Research Boardis distributing this Circular to make the information contained herein available for use by individual practitioners in state and local transportation agencies, researchers in academic institutions, and other members of the transportation research community. The information in this Circular was taken directly from the submissions of the authors. This document is not a report of the National Research Council or of the National Academy of Sciences.


As in many TRB endeavors, the activities reported in this Circular are the product of many people and organizations.

A very special thank you to each of the individuals and organizations listed below for the energy, enthusiasm, interest, and intelligence that contributed so greatly to the work reported in this Circular. Also, a profound thank you to Dr. Susan Herbel. She was instrumental in developing and reporting on the first workshop, worked with each state to plan and conduct their forum, wrote the final report for each state forum, authored this Circular, and has been an invaluable member of the Safety-Conscious Planning Working Group mentioned below.

This Circular has two very distinct parts. Part I introduces safety conscious planning (TSP) and summarizes the SCP forums conducted by six states. Part II is a toolkit that provides the information needed by any state or local agency to organize and conduct a safety conscious planning forum.

The Safety-Conscious Planning Working Group is an informal ad hoc group of individuals interested in moving forward on the integration of safety into the long-range transportation planning process. The original purpose of the group was to brainstorm ideas on how to accomplish this. The group met sporadically and included representatives from the private sector, academe, the research community, and federal agencies. After the brainstorming a limited number of the ideas were selected for further activity, e.g., developing a workshop on SCP and providing a focal point for information exchange. The group continues to meet periodically, develop ideas, foster and encourage activities, and gather and exchange information.

The Safety-Conscious Planning Working Group includes

Leanna Depue, Central Missouri State University and chair of the TRB Committee on Transportation Safety Management was actively involved with the group during the first year of activity but, due to competing pressures, was unable to continue involvement.

Our sincerest thank you for the successes achieved by the many planning and safety professionals in the six states and corresponding FHWA, FTA, and NHTSA regional or division offices that organized, planned, conducted, and participated in their respective forums.

Our special appreciation to the Federal Highway Administration, Office of Intermodal and Statewide Planning Programs, for providing resources making it possible to conduct and report on the workshops and forums described in this Circular.

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