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Our Mission

The Associate Administrator for Policy, as part of the Administrator's immediate Office, serves as the principal advisor to the Administrator on the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) international program activities and on the FHWA policy as it relates to the FHWA missions, programs, and objectives, and in this capacity, participates fully in the FHWA policy determinations and program formulation; and provides executive direction over the activities of the following organizational elements:

  • Office of Highway Policy Information - The Office of Highway Policy Information serves as the national source of surface transportation data; providing the U.S. DOT, Congress, and transportation community with accurate information products in a timely manner to inform the development and implementation of decisions, policies, legislation, programs, and performance goals, while constantly striving to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of data collection and analysis on travelers and the physical, operational and financial condition of our transportation system.

  • Office of International Programs - The Office of International Programs leads the Federal Highway Administration's efforts to serve the U.S. road community's access to international sources of information on road related technologies and markets, and to provide technical assistance on road transportation issues to developing countries and economies in transition.

  • Office of Legislative and Governmental Affairs - The Office of Legislation and Stregic Planning provides support and assistance to the Federal Highway Administration, Department of Transportation, and Congress on policy development and execution; including coorditnation of the Agency's legislative program and designs, implements and evaluates national studies; including conditions and performance (C & P) reports. Leads in the outreach, evaluation, and feedback mechanisms for review and revision of the Federal Highway Administration Strategic Plan. Strategic Planning at the Federal Highway Administration.

  • Office of Transportation Policy Studies - The Office of Transportation Policy Studies develops analytical tools and data systems for policy development and studies; conducts analyses and studies to support the formulation of transportation policy and legislative initiatives; prepares major Reports to Congress on highway policy issues; and monitors and forecasts economic, demographic, and personal/commercial travel trends.

Flow Chart: Association Administrator for Policy having 4 offices underneath: Office of Highway Policy Information, International Programs, Legislation and Strategic Planning, and Transportation Policy Studies.

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