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Transportation Investment: New Insights from Economic Analysis

Cover of Transportation Investment: New Insights from Economic Analysis

Policy Forum—February 23, 1999

Forum Chair
Curtis Wiley
Commissioner, Indiana Department of Transportation

Report Prepared by
Chad Shirley
University of California at Berkeley

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With sponsorship from
The Federal Highway Administration
The National Cooperative Highway Research Program

PDF version (3.94 mb)

Table of Contents

Participants and Paper Authors
Forum Proceedings
Appendix A : A Summary of Contributions of Highway Capital to Output and Productivity Growth in the U.S. Economy and Industries
Appendix B: A Preliminary Assessment of the Similarity Between Nadiri's Industry Cost Elasticity and TSA's Transportation Intensity Measure
Appendix C: Productive Highway Capital Stocks
Appendix D: Participant Contact List

Eno Transportation Foundation, Inc. Board of Advisors

Published by
Eno Transportation Foundation, Inc.
One Farragut Square South, Suite 500
Washington, DC 20006-4003
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Board of Directors
Lawrence D. Dahms
Executive Director,
Metropolitan Transportation Commission—San Francisco Bay Area

Secretary and Treasurer
Lillian C. Borrone
Director, Port Development,
The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Joseph M. Clapp
Retired Chairman and CEO, Roadway Services, Inc.

Norman Y. Mineta
Vice President, Special Business Initiatives, Lockheed Martin Corporation

Thomas J. O'Bryant
Senior Vice President, Managing Director, and Head of Transportation,

Ted Tedesco
Vice President,
Corporate Affairs, American Airlines

Damian J. Kulash, President and CEO
Robert Ritter, Director, Policy Activities
Tracy E. Dunleavy, Director, Leadership Programs and Publications
Edward Rosen, Director, Policy Forums
Sandra Selva, Managing Editor
Charleen Blankenship, Circulation Manager

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