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Office of Highway Policy Information
March 2014

Field Manual
Appendix G. Sample View Export and Calculations

A Sample View will be created by the HPMS software to be exported as a Character Separated Value (CSV) file. The format of this file is identified below.

The Calculation Method for each data item’s value falls into several categories generally based on the format of the data. These rules are applied when a Sample Panel section’s limits are occupied by several sections, for the purpose of determining a single value for a particular data item. These calculation methods are as follows:

  1. No Calculation – Value will be consistent with the value reported for a given section.

  2. Combination – Calculated value will be based on a concatenation of multiple (text) values that fall within the limits of the section.

  3. Minimum Value – Calculated value will be based on the lowest value in a range of values that fall within the limits of the section.

  4. Predominance – Calculated value will be based on the most prevalent value that falls within the limits of the section.

  5. Weighted Averaging – Calculated value will be based on an averaging of values that fall within the limits of the section, weighted by the length of the section.

The following table includes the name of the Data Item, the format of the value for each item, and the particular calculation method that is used for the Data Item.

Field Name


Calculation Method

Year_Record Date: YYYY No Calculation
State_Code Numeric(2,0) No Calculation
Route_ID Character(60) No Calculation
Begin_Point Numeric(6,3) No Calculation
End_Point Numeric(6,3) No Calculation
Section_Length Numeric(6,3) End_Point – Begin_Point  (where State reported value is 0)
F_System Codes: 1-7 No Calculation
Urban_Code Codes: 1-99999 No Calculation
Facility_Type Codes: 1-6 No Calculation
Structure_Type Codes: 1-3 No Calculation
Access_Control Codes: 1-3 Predominance
Ownership Codes: 1-80 Predominance
Through_Lanes Numeric(2,0) No Calculation
HOV_Type Codes: 1-3 Predominance
HOV_Lanes Numeric(2,0) Predominance
Peak_Lanes Numeric(2,0) Predominance
Counter_Peak_Lanes Numeric(2,0) Predominance
Turn_Lanes_R Codes 1-6 Predominance
Turn_Lanes_L Codes 1-6 Predominance
Speed_Limit Numeric(2,0) Predominance
Toll_Charged Codes: 1-2 Predominance
Toll_Type Codes: 1-3 Predominance
Route_Number Character(8) Predominance
Route_Signing Codes: 1-10 Predominance
Route_Qualifier Codes: 1-10 Predominance
AADT Numeric(6,0) No Calculation
AADT_Single_Unit Numeric(6,0) Weighted Averaging
Pct_Peak_Single Numeric(2,0) Weighted Averaging
AADT_Combination Numeric(6,0) Weighted Averaging
Pct_Peak_Combination Numeric(2,0) Weighted Averaging
K_Factor Numeric(2,0) Weighted Averaging
Dir_Factor Numeric(2,0) Weighted Averaging
Future_AADT Numeric(6,0) No Calculation
Future_AADT_Year Date: YYYY No Calculation
Signal_Type Codes 1-5 Predominance
Pct_Green_Time Numeric(2,0) Weighted Averaging
Number_Signals Numeric(2,0) No Calculation
Stop_Signs Numeric(2,0) No Calculation
At_Grade_Other Numeric(2,0) No Calculation
Lane_Width Numeric(2,0) Predominance
Median_Type Codes: 1-7 Predominance
Median_Width Numeric(2,0) Predominance
Shoulder_Type Codes: 1-7 Predominance
Shoulder_Width_R Numeric(2,0) Predominance
Shoulder_Width_L Numeric(2,0) Predominance
Peak_Parking Codes: 1-3 Predominance
Widening_Obstacle Codes: X,A-G Combination
Widening_Potential Numeric(1,0) Minimum Value
Curves_A Numeric(6,3) No Calculation
Curves_B Numeric(6,3) No Calculation
Curves_C Numeric(6,3) No Calculation
Curves_D Numeric(6,3) No Calculation
Curves_E Numeric(6,3) No Calculation
Curves_F Numeric(6,3) No Calculation
Terrain_Type Codes: 1-3 Predominance
Grades_A Numeric(6,3) No Calculation
Grades_B Numeric(6,3) No Calculation
Grades_C Numeric(6,3) No Calculation
Grades_D Numeric(6,3) No Calculation
Grades_E Numeric(6,3) No Calculation
Grades_F Numeric(6,3) No Calculation
Pct_Pass_Sight Numeric(3,0) Minimum Value
IRI Numeric(3,0) Weighted Averaging
PSR Numeric(3,1) Weighted Averaging
Surface_Type Codes: 1-11 Predominance
Rutting Numeric(3,1) Weighted Averaging
Faulting Numeric(3,1) Weighted Averaging
Cracking_Percent Numeric(3,1) Weighted Averaging
Cracking_Length Numeric(6,1) Weighted Averaging
Year_Last_Improv Date: YYYY Predominance
Year_Last_Construction Date: YYYY Predominance
Last_Overlay_Thickness Numeric(3,1) Predominance
Thickness_Rigid Numeric(3,1) Predominance
Thickness_Flexible Numeric(3,1) Predominance
Base_Type Codes: 1-8 Predominance
Base_Thickness Numeric(2,0) Predominance
Climate_Zone Codes: 1-4 Predominance
Soil_Type Codes: 1-2 Predominance
County_Code Numeric(5,0) Predominance
NHS Codes: 1-9 No Calculation
Future_Facility Code: 1 No Calculation
STRAHNET_Type Codes: 1-2 No Calculation
Truck Codes: 1-2 No Calculation
Maintenance_Operations Codes: 1-80 Predominance
Capacity Numeric(6,0) Weighted Averaging
VSF Numeric(3,1) Capacity Calculation*
Computed Capacity Numeric(6,0) Capacity Calculation*
Design_Speed Numeric(2,0) Design Speed Calculation*
Vertical_Alignment Codes: 0-4 Vertical Alignment Calculation*
Horizontal_Alignment Codes: 0-4 Horizontal Alignment Calculation*
Volume_Group Codes 1-12 No Calculation
Expansion_Factor Numeric(3,2) Sample Adequacy Calculation

*Values may be overridden by the States if found to not be representative of actual value.



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