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Subject: INFORMATION: Pavement Preservation Crack Seal Checklist Date: MAY 20 2002
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Tommy Beatty
Acting Director, Office of Asset Management
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The challenge facing highway agencies today is preserving their transportation infrastructure. Pavement preservation has proven to be a cost-effective way to accomplish this by extending the effective service life of pavements. Pavement preservation programs encompass a full range of preventive maintenance techniques and strategies such as chip seals, fog seals, micro-surfacing, thin hot-mix overlays, crack sealing, joint sealing, dowel bar retrofit, grinding, and spall repair.

The Construction and System Preservation team in the Office of Asset Management and the Foundation for Pavement Preservation are developing a series of pavement preservation pocket checklists on preventive maintenance techniques and strategies. Copies of the first in this series, Crack Seal Application, are attached. This is an updated version of the popular checklist first published for the LTAP Program in the mid 1990's. The updated checklist will guide State and local highway maintenance and inspection staff in the effective use crack sealants.

You may wish to share this checklist with the appropriate State highway personnel. Copies of the Crack Seal Application checklist are being sent directly to the LTAP Centers. If you need additional copies, please contact Julie Trunk at 202-366-1557 or Julie.trunk@fhwa.dot.gov.


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