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Subject: INFORMATION: REPORT FHWA-SA-99-015 Pavement Preservation: A Road Map for the Future Date: May 28, 1999
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Director of Asset Management
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As we are approaching the 21st century, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is emphasizing its goals to support continual improvement in quality in terms of mobility. safety and driver satisfaction on our Nation's highway system and its intermodal connections. The FHWA has recognized system preservation as a key component for sustaining and developing the future national highway program. To that effect. the FHWA in partnership with the other members of the transportation community met in a "Forum for the Future" on October 26-28, 1998. in Kansas City. Missouri, to focus on pavement preservation needs and barriers for implementation.

In this forum, over 200 participants examined and discussed where the Nation stands on pavement preservation program concepts, applications, and needs. The result of this forum was the development of "A Road Map for the Future" for pavement preservation activities that will provide highway users, "our customers," with better performing and longer lasting pavements.

The attached report summarized the key areas of need, strategies, and recommendations to be considered for future preservation of our Nation's highway system. Sufficient copies of the report are provided for your use with your partners at the State transportation departments, industry, and related stakeholders. Additional copies of the report can be obtain through our report center at 301-577-0818 or by contacting Mr. Jim Sorenson at 202-366-1333.

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