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FHWA 66-00 - U.S. Transportation Secretary Slater Announces $200 Million for States in Highway Discretionary Funds

Discretionary Funds Detailed Project Descriptions

October 27, 2000

TCSP   $610,675
  Mobile: GM&O Intermodal Center/Amtrak Station

Expand Mobile's Intermodal facility to include railroad passenger service along with taxi, public transit, downtown trolley services and tour buses by purchasing real estate to construct a remote train station for boarding and departing Amtrak passengers.

Ferry Boats Gees Bend ferry $879,000
Public Lands Highways Unimproved County Road from Alabama Highway 69 to Old Lock One Park, Tombigbee River, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Clarke County $879,000
Innovative Bridges   $550,000
  Surles Road over Bedsole Creek 50,000
  Marshall County Route 409 over

Short Creek

Historic Covered Bridges Clarkson/Legg Covered Bridge, Cullman Co $400,000
Scenic Bridges   $1,100,000
  Interpretative Facilities in Selma 1,000,000
  Alabama the Beautiful: Development of Alabama Scenic Byway Program 100,000
TCSP   $1,949,463
  Delong Mountain: Airport Access and Related Planning 281,850
  Soldotna: East Redoubt Avenue Improvements 681,138
  Fairbanks: Downtown Transit and Cultural Integration Planning 422,775
  Talkeetna: Parking Lot/Pedestrian Safety Access 375,800
  Palmer: Urban Revitalization 187,900
Ferry Boats   0
Public Lands Highways   $7,035,650
  Steese Highway, State Route 6, from Milepost 44, near Boston Creek to Milepost 62, near Cripple Creek, Fairbanks North Star Borough 3,000,000
  Walden Point Road on the Metlakatla Indian Reservation on Annette Island in Southeast Alaska, near Ketchikan 1,970,000
  Chugach Road, Alaska 219,750
  Iditarod (Millennium trail) 966,900
  Pasagshak Road realignment and improvement 439,500
  Rampart Road Eureka connector 439,500
Innovative Bridges   0
Historic Covered Bridges   0
Scenic Byways   $356,208
  Glenn Highway Corridor Management Plan 88,000
  Alaska Scenic Byways Planning and Mapping Project 21,000
  Taylor Highway Corridor Management Plan 88,000
  Statewide Program: Technical Assistance and Signs 70,808
  Restore Lantern Room to Point Retreat Lighthouse 47,600
  Official State of Alaska Map with Scenic Byways 40,800
TCSP   0
Ferry Boats   0
Public Lands Highways Diamond Bar Road, Route 261, Mohave County Road, accessing the Hualapai Indian Reservation, Mohave County $2,000,000
Innovative Bridges   0
Historic Covered Bridges   0
Scenic Byways SR 88 Apache Trail Historic Road - Restoration of Historic Road Features $145,920

TCSP   $1,503,200
  Marked Tree To I-55 Along U.S. Highway 63 Improvements and Controlled Access Lanes

Improve this segment of Highway 63 to Interstate standards to establish a uniform cross-section and facility type and increase motorists' safety.

  Van Buren and Russellville: Environmental Assessments & Improvements

Plan and construct an intermodal facility on the Arkansas River in the Russellville area involving road, river, rail and airport accessibility.

Ferry Boats Peel Ferry $244,500
Public Lands Highways River Trails Bridge on Arkansas River Corps of Engineers Murray Lock and Dam, Pulaski County $1,100,000
Innovative Bridges   0
Historic Covered Bridges   0
Scenic Byways   $602,729
  Chalk Bluff Access Improvements 352,588
  Development of Scenic Conservation Action Plan 25,000
  Paragould's Downtown Enhancements 225,141
TCSP   $3,711,025
  City of Coronado: Mobility Improvements 563,700
  Sierra Madre: Chantry Flats Road 563,700
  Riverside County: Community and Environmental Transportation Acceptability Process

Four key corridors have been identified for detailed evaluation and a working paper will be developed defining problems, issues, and conditions specific to each of the corridors.

  El Segundo: Intermodal Facility Improvements 939,500
  County of Santa Barbara: Elwood Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge

Develop the final design and acquire the land for a 600' long bicycle and pedestrian bridge to connect two segments of a single community that have been separated for many years by US Highway 101 and the Union Pacific Railroad.

  Roseville: Historic District Revitalization Project

Link the Old Town and Downtown areas of Central Roseville by constructing a pedestrian/bicycle bridge across the Union Pacific Railyard.

Ferry Boats   $1,758,000
  Baylink ferry service, Vallejo 879,000
  Treasure Island ferry service initiation and pier reconstruction, San Francisco 879,000
Public Lands Highways   $4,203,900
  Yosemite Area Regional Transportation System (YARTS) improvements at Yosemite National Park, Mariposa, Merced, and Mono Counties 600,000
  Fort Baker Transportation Demand Management Program, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Marin County 87,900
  Historic Kelso Railway Depot, in the Mojave National Preserve, approximately 34 miles southeast of Baker, San Bernardino County 2,197,500
  Utah Trail, City of 29 Palms, Joshua Tree National Park, San Bernardino County 1,318,500
Innovative Bridges   $2,164,956
  Advanced Technology Bridge; Gilman Road over I-5 on UCSD Campus 1,500,000
  Rte 36, post mile 7.57 164,956
  White's Hill Sidehill Viaduct on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard 500,000
Historic Covered Bridges   0
Scenic Byways   $653,390
  Arroyo Seco Parkway Corridor Management Plan 358,100
  Ebbetts Pass Corridor Management Plan and Universal Access Enhancements 198,140
  Route 1 Corridor Management Plan 97,150
TCSP   0
Ferry Boats   0
Public Lands Highways State Highway 139, Canyon Pintado National Historic District, South of Rangely, MP 52.7 - MP 57.8, Rio Blanco County $4,000,000
Innovative Bridges Welch Gulch - City of Golden Pedestrian/Bicycle trail near US 6 $500,000
Historic Covered Bridges   0
Scenic Byways   $497,840
  Statewide Technical Assistance 80,000
  Watchable Wildlife on Byways Project 112,240
  Trail Ridge Road Forest Canyon Overlook Project 70,000
  Town of Minturn Kiosk and Brochure Project 11,600
  Implement Gold Belt Corridor Management Plan 25,000
  Top of the Rockies Management Assistance 25,000
  Implement Grand Mesa Corridor Management Plan 17,000
  Implement San Juan Skyway Corridor Management Plan 25,000
  Implement Frontier Pathways Corridor Management Plan 25,000
  Implement Alpine Loop Corridor Management Plan 32,000
  Unaweep/Tabeguache Byway Interpretive Center 75,000
TCSP None 0
Ferry Boats Fishers Island ferry terminal expansion, New London $1,098,750
Public Lands Highways   0
Innovative Bridges Stevenson Dam Bridge -Rte. 34 over the Housatonic River (Lake Zoar) $500,000
  Branford Steam Railroad tracks over Ct. Rte. 80 0
Historic Covered Bridges Comstock Covered Bridge, East Hampton $84,800
Scenic Byways Implementation of Scenic Byway Management Plan: Pull-offs on CT Routes 146 and 169 $228,800
TCSP None 0
Ferry Boats   0
Public Lands Highways   0
Innovative Bridges Bridge 1-712B, Ramp J, I-95 Service Area, Newark $350,000
Historic Covered Bridges   0
Scenic Byways   0
TCSP   0
Ferry Boats   0
Public Lands Highways   $5,497,500
  Anacostia Riverwalk and Trail, along both the West and East banks of the Anacostia River 1,300,000
  Independence Avenue (eastbound and westbound lanes) from Kutz Bridge (17th Street) to 14th Street, excluding the bridge over Maine Avenue, and eastbound Maine Avenue from Independence Avenue to Raoul Wallenberg Place 2,000,000
  14th Street bridge, Washington DC/Virginia 2,197,500
Innovative Bridges   0
Historic Covered Bridges   0
Scenic Byways   0
TCSP   $93,950
  Miami: NW 7th Avenue Corridor Improvement Project  
Ferry Boats   $2,461,200
  Broward County 2,021,700
  St. John's River water taxi, Jacksonville 439,500
Public Lands Highways Timucuan Preserve Bicycle Touring Route along US Highway A-1-A, Duval County $395,550
Innovative Bridges US 1/Key Deer from North Channel to Spanish Harbor in Florida Keys. Twin Bridges $289,000
Historic Covered Bridges   0
Scenic Byways Indian River Lagoon House Environmental Learning Center $800,000
TCSP   0
Ferry Boats Savannah water taxi $351,600
Public Lands Highways   $971,000
  Kennesaw Mountain to Chattahoochee River Trail - North Leg, Cobb County 910,000
  U.S. 23 at the Bond Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, Bibb and Twiggs Counties 61,000
Innovative Bridges SR 337 over GA SW RR $185,000
Historic Covered Bridges   0
Scenic Byways South Fulton Scenic Byway Resource Protection Plan $80,000
TCSP   0
Ferry Boats   0
Public Lands Highways   $1,318,500
  State Highway 11, milepost 27.5 to milepost 39.5, within Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii County  
  Hanalei Valley/Hanalei Wildlife Refuge scenic stop on Route 56 (Kuhio Highway), Island of Kauai, Kauai County  
  Eruption Site at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, end of Chain of Craters Road, Hawaii County  
Innovative Bridges   0
Historic Covered Bridges   0
Scenic Byways   0
TCSP   0
Ferry Boats   0
Public Lands Highways   $2,197,500
  Clark Fork River Bridge near the City of Clark Fork, at Kanisku National Forest, Bonner County 1,318,500
  City of Rocks Back Country Byway, from Connor's Corner to City of Rocks National Reserve entrance, one mile south of Almo, Cassia County 439,500
  Teton Pass Trail, in the Bridger-Teton and Targhee National Forests, Teton County Idaho, and Teton County Wyoming 439,500
Innovative Bridges   0
Historic Covered Bridges   0
Scenic Byways   $319,426
  Statewide Scenic Byway Brochure 40,000
  Pend Oreille Scenic Byway Phase One Implementation - Interpretive Plan 35,992
  Northwest Passage Decorative Lighting Project 176,434
  Gold Rush Historic Byway Corridor Management Plan 67,000
TCSP   $563,700
  Quincy: 18th Street Bridge Project

Build a bridge across Cedar Creek and Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad to connect two segments of North 18th Street. Completion of the bridge will greatly improve transportation access to Northeast Quincy and provide lower response times by fire, medical and police personnel.

  Chicago: Walkable Edgewater Initiative

Improve the sustainability of the Edgewater community in Chicago by developing a community-based physical plan for the pedestrian environment. The goals are to increase pedestrian activity; increase transit use; improve air quality; increase patronage of local transit-oriented development by residents; and increase community unity as residents come together to create a plan that will encourage social interaction.

  Chicago: Heritage Corridor Project Study

Develop a plan to enhance service in the Canadian National/Illinois Central "Heritage Corridor" commuter rail corridor. Detail the costs and benefits of alternative improvements at each bottleneck to the passenger transportation providers (Metra and Amtrak) and to private freight railroads.

Ferry Boats Sainte Genevieve­Modoc Ferry $288,000
Public Lands Highways   0
Innovative Bridges City Of Chicago Wacker Drive State Street to Franklin Street $500,000
Historic Covered Bridges Thompson Mill Covered Bridge, Shelby Co. $96,000
Scenic Byways   $1,502,676
  Implement Corridor Management Plan for Great River Road in Illinois 25,000
  Illinois National Road CMP Implementation - Byway Attraction Development 25,000
  Organization Grant (Year 1): Lincoln Highway 25,000
  Scenic Byway Coordinator Assistance Grant: Meeting of the Great Rivers Scenic Route 25,000
  Implement Corridor Management Plan: Ohio Rivers Scenic Route 25,000
  Statewide Multi-Byway Marketing Program 200,000
  National Road Signage 98,800
  Lincoln Highway in Illinois - First Year Marketing 60,000
  Interpretation for the Great River Road in Illinois Scenic Byway 267,412
  Mound City National Cemetery Interpretive Center 751,464
TCSP   $1,244,838
  Angola and Steuben City: Bike Path

Construct a seven-mile bike/ped path connecting Pokagon State Park to rural Stueben County along SR 127 to the Breeden YMCA. The trail connects all of the schools and parks in Angola and leads to two historic sites, the monument, and the courthouse.

  West Baden Springs: Preservation Project

Improve access to the National Historic Landmark West Baden Springs Hotel from SR 56.

Ferry Boats    
Public Lands Highways   0
Innovative Bridges   0
Historic Covered Bridges   $969,600
  Norris Ford Covered Bridge, Rush Co. 200,000
  State Sanatorium Covered Bridge, Parke Co. 600,000
  Snow Hill Road Covered Bridge, Franklin Co 100,000
  Medora Covered Bridge, Jackson Co 69,600
Scenic Byways   $108,256
  Implement Ohio River Scenic Route Corridor Management Plan 25,000
  Implement Indiana National Road Corridor Management Plan 25,000
  Indiana National Road Marketing and Promotion 58,256
TCSP   0
Ferry Boats   0
Innovative Bridges   $620,000
  US 20 over South Beaver Creek, Project NHSX-520-5 (78). Eastbound bridge of Design # 400. 200,000
  215 Avenue bridge over Lime Creek 285,000
  53rd Ave bridge over Crow Creek in City of Bettendorf, Iowa 75,000
  4th Avenue over Ralston Creek, Iowa City, Iowa 60,000
Historic Covered Bridges   $4,400
  Imes covered bridge, Madison Co.  
  Cutler­Donahue covered bridge, Madison Co.  
  Hogback covered bridge, Madison Co.  
  Holliwell covered bridge, Madison Co.  
  Roseman covered bridge Madison Co.  
  Cedar covered bridge, Madison Co.  
Scenic Byways   $107,918
  Implement Loess Hills Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan 25,000
  Brochure and Website for Loess Hills Scenic Byway 57,918
  Iowa Great River Road Corridor Management Plan Implementation: Refinement of Goals and Objectives 25,000
TCSP   $939,500
  Wichita: Pedestrian Transportation Facility (Pedestrian Bridges over the Arkansas River)

Provide pedestrian-oriented linkages between prime attractions along the Arkansas River Corridor: Link the Exploration Place and Science Center on the west bank to the Mid-America All Indian Center and link the Indian Center to the Veterans Memorial Park and the cascading waterfall feature on the east bank.

Ferry Boats   0
Public Lands Highways Broughton Bridge (County Road 837, FAS 124) six miles north of Wakefield at north end of Milford Lake, Clay County $307,650
Innovative Bridges RS 1070 over the Kansas River SE of Bellevue, KS. $500,000
Historic Covered Bridges   0
Scenic Byways   $73,520
  Video Documentation: Roadside Vegetation Management for Kansas Scenic Byways 49,680
  Visitor Experience Enrichment Training for Kansas Scenic Byway Groups 23,840
TCSP   $3,194,300
  Lake Cumberland Trail: Pedestrian Improvements

Convert 7.5 miles of rail bed to a pedestrian trail.

  Bowling Green: Riverfront Development Transportation Enhancements

Develop the riverfront area by enhancing the streetscape and providing parking, lighting, and restrooms at the information center.

  Clay/Leslie County 1,879,000
  Owensboro Riverfront Development Project 281,850
Ferry Boats Valley View Ferry Improvements $144,000
Public Lands Highways   $2,329,350
  Cumberland Gap, Kentucky 791,100
  Daniel Boone Parkway, Kentucky 879,000
  Lake Cumberland access road and improvements 659,250
Innovative Bridges   $175,000
  Kentucky Route 3297 over Little Sandy River 105,000
  Scott County Road 1218 over North Elkhorn Creek 70,000
  Scott County Road 1218 over North Elkhorn Creek 0
Historic Covered Bridges Bennett's Mill Covered Bridge, Greenup Co $600,000
Scenic Byways   0
TCSP   $2,301,775
  Lincoln Parish Transportation Plan

Evaluate alternative plans for the revitalization of a 5-mile stretch of urban corridor through the commercial heart of the city of Lafayette. Initiate a redevelopment plan for the Johnston Street corridor that includes the coordination of businesses and institutions along this street, produce a plan that discourages the flight of businesses to the metropolitan fringe by easing traffic congestion, providing for improved transit accessibility, and create an attractive main street corridor enhanced for vehicular and pedestrian safety.

  New Orleans: Intermodal Transportation Research 892,525
Ferry Boats   0
Public Lands Highways Louisiana Hwy 10 from Louisiana Hwy 467 to Texas Avenue, at Fort Polk military installation, Vernon Parish $1,000,000
Innovative Bridges   0
Historic Covered Bridges   0
Scenic Byways   $331,962
  Creole Nature Trail National Scenic Byway Portals 234,800
  Louisiana Byways Exhibit for Tradeshows 15,680
  Management Plan for Louisiana Scenic Byway Program 16,640
  San Bernardo Scenic Byway - Corridor Management Plan 20,000
  Toledo Bend Forest Scenic Byway: Scenic Overlook at Zwolle Gateway 27,600
  Scenic Byway Media Press Kit Development 8,621
  Jean LaFitte Scenic Byway Media Press Kit 8,621
TCSP   $563,700
  Bangor: Intermodal Hub Facility Planning, Railroad Crossing Signalization, Bike and Pedestrian Trails

Advance Bangor Maine's community development plans. By integrated planning and implementation of passenger rail, intermodal facilities, bike and pedestrian facilities, marine transportation development, and land use planning, Bangor is stimulating growth in its urban core to reverse development trends in recent decades.

Ferry Boats Curtis vessel replacement for Rockland and Vinal Haven, Maine $219,750
Public Lands Highways   $439,5000
  Duck Brook Road from Rt. 233 at Eagle Lake to West Street, within Acadia National Park, town of Bar Harbor, Hancock County  
  Route 3, Mt. Dessert Island, from State Routes 3 and 198 and extending northerly 0.91 miles to Hadlock Bridge, near Acadia National Park, Hancock County  
  Acadia Trails Forever, within Acadia National Park and Towns on Mt. Desert Island, Hancock County  
Innovative Bridges   $480,000
  Rollins Road over Goose River 270,000
  Rickers Bridge over Martin Stream 210,000
Historic Covered Bridges Bennett Covered Bridge, Oxford Co $581,404
Scenic Byways   $329,118
  Old Canada Road CMP Implementation, Organization and Support for CME 25,000
  Schoodic Byway Corridor Planning and Administration 24,000
  Implement Acadia Byway Corridor Management Plan 24,000
  Implement Rangeley Lakes Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan 25,000
  Schoodic Byway Flanders Bay Scenic Turn-out 14,640
  Schoodic Byway Frenchmans Bay Scenic Turn-out 96,640
  Schoodic Byway Gateway Turn-out at Prospect Harbor 21,440
  Schoodic Byway Gateway Turn-out at Taunton Bay Bridge 32,800
  Schoodic Byway Long Cove Scenic Turn-out and Rest Area 17,520
  Schoodic Byway Preble Cove Scenic Turn-out 14,040
  Schoodic Byway Winter Harbor Park and Ride 34,038
TCSP   $234,875
  Rockville: Town Center Accessibility Improvement Plan

Initiate the goals to improve access between the revived Town Center and adjacent residential neighborhoods with enhanced bicycle and pedestrian connections, improved vehicular traffic flow in Town Center, and improved intermodal connectivity through public participation and coordination activities to help the City and its partners achieve the project goals.

Ferry Boats   0
Public Lands Highways   0
Innovative Bridges   0
Historic Covered Bridges   0
Scenic Byways   $520,000
  Marketing Maryland's Network of State Scenic Byways 440,000
  Corridor Management Plan for US 15 80,000
TCSP   $187,900
  New Bedford: North Terminal 2010

Develop a method coordinate the land use and transportation decision-making processes of five major public infrastructure investments, including the necessary environmental permitting processes, in order to maximize the benefits of these projects to New Bedford and the Southeastern Massachusetts Region.

Ferry Boats Provincetown, Massachusetts, terminal improvements $263,700
Public Lands Highways Lowell National Historic Park, western canal walkway improvements $439,500
Innovative Bridges State Route 13 (Main Street) over the North Branch of the Nashua River. $500,000
Historic Covered Bridges   0
Scenic Byways Mount Greylock Scenic Byway Overlooks (North Adams, MA) $302,000
TCSP   $1,033,450
  City of Ferndale: Traffic Signals 46,975
  Flint: Transportation Planning and Origin & Destination Shipping Study

Study the impact of intermodal freight movement along the I-69/I-75 Corridors beginning at the Blue Water Bridge, in Sarnia, Canada and following I-69 east through St. Clair, Lapeer, Genesee, and Shiawassee County.

  Detroit: Lodge Freeway Pedestrian Overpass

Develop a freeway park to re-establish a connection and improve the recreational opportunities for residents of a neighborhood, bisected by the freeway and subsequently disconnected from the park and recreation center (Wiggle Park).

Ferry Boats   0
Public Lands Highways Skanee Road from 1.7 miles east of Whirligig Road to Townline Road in L'Anse Township, within the L'Anse Indian Reservation, Baraga County $500,000
Innovative Bridges EB I-496 over CSX RR and Holmes Road, R12-3 of 33045 $270,000
Historic Covered Bridges   0
Scenic Byways   $782,074
  Copper Country Bike Facility: Phoenix, MI to Delaware, MI $311,074
  Cass River Bridge Aesthetic Enhancement (Vassar, MI) $168,000
  Copper Country Corridor Management Plan $35,000
  Southeast Michigan's Main Street Marketing Plan for Woodward Avenue/Phase II Implementation $268,000
TCSP   $2,489,675
  Hennepin County: Humboldt Greenway Project 939,500
  Minnesota Trunk Highway 610/10 Interchange Construction at I-94 1,550,175
Ferry Boats   0
Public Lands Highways   0
Innovative Bridges I-35E over Mississippi River & TH 62 over I-35W $500,000
Historic Covered Bridges   0
Scenic Byways   $571,020
  Implement the North Shore Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan 25,000
  Implement Minnesota Great River Road Corridor Management Plan: Increase Grassroots Support. 25,000
  Implement Grand Rounds Corridor Management Plan Administration: Coordinate Volunteer Initiatives 24,960
  Implement Edge of the Wilderness Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan 25,000
  Superior National Forest Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan 20,000
  Otter Trail Scenic Byway Interpretive Kiosks (Final 9) 26,803
  Lake Country Byway Resource Protection Project 28,000
  Byways Portraits: Scenic Byways Marketing at Minnesota Class I Rest Areas 48,000
  Restoration of the Historic Swensson Farm Barn 192,000
  Shepard Road-Mississippi River Overlook 156,257
TCSP   $939,500
  Claiborne County: Access Road From US 61 to New Port Facility 375,800
  Jackson: Traffic Congestion Mitigation Planning 563,700
Ferry Boats   0
Public Lands Highways Natchez Trace Parkway multi-use trail near the metropolitan area of Jackson, Madison, Hinds, and Adams Counties $263,700
Innovative Bridges I-110 over Back Bay 0
Historic Covered Bridges   0
Scenic Byways Natchez Trace Visitor Center Exhibit Rehabilitation $239,000
TCSP   $1,127,400
  Kansas City: Illus Davis Mall Enhancements 328,825
  St. Louis: South Kings Highway Business District Pilot Program 93,950
  Springfield: Center City Plan 704,625
Ferry Boats Dorian Ferry Mississippi River Crossing, Mississippi $439,500
Public Lands Highways   $275,200
  Public Access to the Harlow Island Division of the Mark Twain National Wildlife Refuge, Jefferson County 76,000
  Robert Allen Recreation Area Access Road (Monroe County Road # 520) from State Route 154 3.0 miles to Corps of Engineers' access at the Army Corps of Engineers' Mark Twain Lake, Monroe County 199,200
Innovative Bridges   $404,000
  Route 224 over Route 13 126,000
  Route 86 over Hickory Creek 160,000
  Route I-44 118,000
Historic Covered Bridges   0
Scenic Byways   $157,600
  Cliff Drive Interpretive Plan 97,600
  Crowley's Ridge Interpretive Development 40,000
  Implement Crowley's Ridge Parkway Corridor Management Plan 20,000
TCSP   $1,291,813
  Billings: Open/Green Space Improvement Project

Develop a downtown greenway and a trail system extension along Yellowstone River to riverside park.

  DOT/Western Montana College Statewide Geological Sign Project 187,900
  Statewide Rail Grade Separation Study and Environmental Review

Analyze and rank grade separation needs statewide in a phased study

that will lead to the environmental review process for the railroad crossing(s) determined feasible for construction.

Ferry Boats   0
Public Lands Highways   $4,307,000
  State Secondary Highway 419 (PFH-83) between MP 14.1 to 20.5, from Benbow Road at the community of Dean to Carter's Camp, in the community of Nye, Stillwater County 2,285,400
  Giant Springs Road (Montana Urban Route 5221), Cascade County 703,200
  Montana Secondary route 323 (S-323) from Ekalaka to Alzada, Carter County 879,000
  Charles M. Russell/Fort Peck Roads coalition access project 439,500
Innovative Bridges US 2 over the Middle Fork of the Flathead River near Essex. $459,000
Historic Covered Bridges   0
Scenic Byways   0
  State of Nebraska  
TCSP   $281,85
  Omaha: Downtown Access and Redevelopment Project  
Ferry Boats   0
Public Lands Highways   $2,637,000
  Garden County Road 181 - Crescent Lake Refuge Access Road, Garden County 439,500
  Extension of Route 34, at the entrance of Boyer Chute National Wildlife Refuge, Washington County 2,197,500
  River Road (County Roads P-51, 51 and 34) from the Douglas County Line north 5 miles to Boyer Chute National Wildlife Refuge, Washington County  
Innovative Bridges Skyline Drive over Highway 6 (Dodge Street) $150,000
Historic Covered Bridges   0
Scenic Byways Interactive Byway Travel System $480,000
TCSP   $352,313
  City of Henderson: Pedestrian and Bicycle Route Projects 352,313
Ferry Boats   0
Public Lands Highways US 50 from approximately 2.9 to 5.8 miles north of California State line, within the Lake Tahoe Basin, Douglas County $439,500
Innovative Bridges   0
Historic Covered Bridges   0
Scenic Byways Implement Las Vegas Strip Corridor Management Plan $25,000
Ferry Boats   0
Public Lands Highways Route 112 from Loon Mountain Road easterly 3.5 miles to the Big Rock Campground, within the White Mountain National Forest, Grafton County $1,000,000
Innovative Bridges Rollins Road over Main Street and B&M Railroad $53,000
Historic Covered Bridges   0
Scenic Byways   $378,200
  Implement White Mountain Trail Corridor Management Plan $24,000
  Crawford Notch Depot Interpretive Center $354,200
TCSP   $3,687,538
  Hudson River Waterfront Walkway 1,879,000
  Borough of Flemington: Park Avenue Realignment 1,103,913
  Town of South Brunswick: Route 522 Construction 234,875
  City of Bedminster: Bike Path 469,750
Ferry Boats   0
Public Lands Highways South Old Mine Road and North Old Mine Road within the Delaware Water Gap National Recreational Area, Warren and Sussex Counties $879,000
Innovative Bridges   0
Historic Covered Bridges   0
Scenic Byways   0
TCSP   $2,536,650
  Clovis: Street Revitalization

Revitalize West 21st Street and East 7th Street.

  Albuquerque: High Capacity Transportation System Study 469,750
  Las Cruces: Railroad and Transportation Museum 187,900
  Raton: Rail Depot/Intermodal Center Redevelopment 704,625
  Albuquerque: Uptown Transportation Management Program

Improve the efficiency of transportation within the Uptown area by providing an integrated multi-modal transportation system that promotes opportunities for use of all modes of travel in the area: the "Park Once/Pedestrian First" program.

Ferry Boats   0
Public Lands Highways   $3,763,700
  Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation Access Road, NM 537, from milepost 45.5, north for 10.4 miles to the US 64 junction, Rio Arriba County 3,500,000
  Jemez Pueblo Bypass, NM 4, from junction with NM 44(to be renamed US 550), north for 6.16 miles to junction with NM 290, within the Jemez Pueblo Indian Reservation, Sandoval County 263,700
Innovative Bridges US 70 Roadrunner & Parkway Bridge $500,000
Historic Covered Bridges   0
Scenic Byways   $471,635
  The Santa Fe Trail: A Celebration in American Popular Culture 8,515
  Billy the Kid National Scenic Byway: Interpretative Enhancements 50,000
  New Mexico Statewide Scenic Byways Economic Impact Study 96,120
  Implement Billy the Kid National Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan 25,000
  Corridor Management Plan for Santa Fe National Forest Scenic Byway 40,000
  New Mexico National Scenic Byways Marketing Campaign 252,000
TCSP   $1,174,375
  Bronx: Soundview Greenway 939,500
  Greenport: Mitchell Marina Development 234,875
Ferry Boats   $1,265,760
  Twin Forks Passenger Commuter Ferry Terminal (Greenport and Sag Harbor ferry service) 351,600
  Cherry Grove, Long Island ferry boat dock 316,440
  Jamaica Bay transportation hub 597,720
Public Lands Highways   $791,100
  Mongaup Visitor Center within the Upper Delaware Scenic & Recreational River, Orange County  
  Mongaup Visitor Center within the Upper Delaware Scenic & Recreational River, Orange County  
Innovative Bridges   $830,100
  CR 50 (Park Ave) over Carl's River 500,000
  County Route 153 over White Creek 177,100
  County Route 43 over Big Creek 0
  CR 46 (Osceola Rd) over East Branch Salmon River 153,000
Historic Covered Bridges Fitches Covered Bridge, Delaware Co. $267,000
Scenic Byways   $553,860
  Champlain Canal Scenic Byway: Celebration Champlain Marketing Plan 14,000
  Adirondack North Country Scenic Byways: Marketing Project 409,060
  Military Trail Scenic Byway: Corridor Management Plan 110,800
  Seaway Trail: Educational Programming 20,000
TCSP   0
Ferry Boats Double Ended River Class ferry for Hatteras Inlet Ferry Operation $753,803
Public Lands Highways   0
Innovative Bridges State Route (SR) 1814 over Little Lick Creek $375,000
Historic Covered Bridges   0
Scenic Byways   $82,704
  Mountain Waters Scenic Byway Management Plan 58,064
  Implement Cherohala National Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan 24,640
TCSP   0
Ferry Boats   0
Public Lands Highways   0
Innovative Bridges   0
Historic Covered Bridges   0
Scenic Byways   0
TCSP   $1,832,025
  Toledo: Buckeye Greenbelt Parkway Beautification (Greenbelt Parkway/Buckeye Basin Study)

Part V is currently under study to determine feasible alternatives for providing access to the residents of Point Place and North Toledo to I-280 and Downtown, including examining the possibility of grade separating the CSX tracks.

  Dayton: Huffman Prairie Flying Field Pedestrian and Multimodal Gateway Entrance

Reconstruct the intersection of SR 444 and Kauffman Avenue to provide open and direct multi-modal visitor access via the historic Marl Road corridor to the Huffman Prairie Flying Field and its associated Interpretive Center located adjacent to the Wright Brothers Memorial.

  Ohio and Erie Canal Corridor Trail Development

Develop the 110-mile multi-use recreational trail along the Ohio & Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor from Cleveland to New Philadelphia, Ohio.

Ferry Boats   $879,000
  Middle Bass Dock Ferry Improvement (State of Ohio ferries) 439,500
  Island Rocket III Ferry Boat (Sandusky, Ohio, river ferry) 439,500
Public Lands Highways   0
Innovative Bridges FAI-33-1309, Delmont Road over US33 $377,574
Historic Covered Bridges   $1,207,236
  Eakin Mill Covered Bridge, Vinton Co 500,000
  Ponn Covered Bridge, Vinton County 400,000
  Hills Covered Bridge, Washington Co 107,236
  Teegarden­Centennial Covered Bridge, Columbiana Co. 200,000
Scenic Byways   $1,012,845
  Mountain Waters Scenic Byway Management Plan 58,064
  Implement Cherohala National Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan 24,640
TCSP   $375,800
  Tulsa/Sapulpa Union Railroad Overpass at Oakridge Elementary School  
Ferry Boats   0
Public Lands Highways   0
Innovative Bridges   $370,000
  I-35 over the Chickaskia River 300,000
  I-35 over the Hickory Creek 70,000
Historic Covered Bridges   0
Scenic Byways Talimena Scenic Drive -Turnout Improvements $441,600
TCSP   $375,800
  Portland: Pioneer Courthouse Square Lobby Renovation Project

Undertake a major renovation of 563.9 square meters of the current interior lobby and the Tri Met Customer Service area to enhance the value of the space with respect to visitor, tourism and transit­related information and access.

Ferry Boats Wheatland Ferry Shore Side Project $363,360
Public Lands Highways US 26, Antone Road to John Day River, Wheeler County $3,000,000
Innovative Bridges US Highway 101 over Bethel Creek $230,000
Historic Covered Bridges Fisher School Covered Bridge, Lincoln Co. $300,000
Scenic Byways   $624,295
  Oregon Statewide Marketing and Byway Promotion Program 267,995
  Depoe Bay Scenic Lands Acquisition Project 356,300
TCSP   $939,500
  Pittsburgh: Roberto Clemente Park Pedestrian Improvements

Provide attractive and safe pedestrian access to the emerging Cultural District, future retail corridors and downtown offices for commuters that use parking facilities on the North Shore by expanding and preserving public greenspace; encouraging alternative modes of transportation; enhancing economic development initiatives adjacent to the park on the North Shore; and improving the connection between the downtown core and North Shore commercial, residential and entertainment enterprises.

Ferry Boats Ferry Service for Pittsburgh $300,000
Public Lands Highways   0
Innovative Bridges   $1,075,000
  SR 1037 over branch of Dubois Creek in Great Bend Twp. SW of Hallstead. 500,000
  SR 4012 over Slippery Rock Creek (one mile east of TR 308) near Boyer, Pa. in Marion Twp. 120,000
  State Forest District 15, Bridge# 15-0012 over Bailey Run. Bridge is on Bailey Run Rd. about 2 mile SW of Wharton in Wharton Twp. 455,000
Historic Covered Bridges   $190,000
  Knapps Covered Bridge, Bradford Co 90,000
  Patterson Covered Bridge, Columbia Co. 100,000
Scenic Byways   0
TCSP   0
Ferry Boats Providence and Newport ferry $879,000
Public Lands Highways   0
Innovative Bridges Eastbound I-195, Washington Bridge $46,000
Historic Covered Bridges   0
Scenic Byways   0
TCSP   0
Ferry Boats   0
Public Lands Highways   0
Innovative Bridges   $369,000
  S-42-655 over Norfolk/Southern RR  
  US 501 over Forest Brook Road (S-26-137) twin bridges 0
Historic Covered Bridges   0
Scenic Byways   $135,919
  Implement Cherokee Foothills Scenic Byways Corridor Management Plan: "Grass Roots" Organization $25,000
  Ashley River Road Byway Administrator (Seed Funding) $24,999
  Ashley River Road Interpretation Plan $58,000
  Ashley River Road Buffer Education and Easement Incentive Program $27,920
TCSP   0
Ferry Boats   0
Public Lands Highways   $5,065,650
  SD-240 (Badlands Loop Road) at Cedar Pass Slide in Badlands National Park, Jackson County 1,494,300
  Forest Highway 26 from 0.9 miles south of Sturgis south for 11.2 miles, in the Black Hills National Forest, Meade County 571,350
  Crazy Horse Trail Road (BIA 2 from BIA 27 to BIA 41, and BIA 41 from BIA 2 north one mile and south two miles), on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, Shannon County 3,000,000
Innovative Bridges US 281 over BNSF RR in Aberdeen $160,000
Historic Covered Bridges   0
Scenic Byways   $260,200
  Peter Norbeck Scenic Byway Facility Improvements 2001 35,200
  Implement Peter Norbeck Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan 25,000
TCSP   0
Ferry Boats   0
Public Lands Highways   0
Innovative Bridges   0
Historic Covered Bridges   0
Scenic Byways   $708,600
  Implement Cherohala Skyway Corridor Management Plan 25,000
  Cherohala Skyway Visitors' Center 683,600
TCSP   $1,409,250
  Houston: Third Ward to Main Street Connectivity Project

Coordinate and link ongoing planning and redevelopment efforts already taking place in the Main Street Corridor.

  Fort Worth: Trolley Study (Light-Rail Transit Study - Phase I)

Undertake an alternatives analysis and environmental assessment; study the transit potential for corridors connecting Fort Worth's 29 growth centers; evaluate a no build alternative, a transportation systems management/transportation demand management alternative, and several fixed-guideway alternatives, in order to determine the locally preferred alternative and prepare an environmental assessment.

Ferry Boats Port of Corpus Christi (North Harbor) ferry facility $879,000
Public Lands Highways Big Mineral Creek Bridge within the Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge, Grayson County $229,840
Innovative Bridges   $395,000
  Farm to Market Road 1362 over Sue Creek 95,000
  Texas state highway SH 66 East bound lanes over Lake Ray Hubbard 300,000
Historic Covered Bridges   0
Scenic Byways   0
TCSP   $469,750
  Utah-Colorado "Isolated Empire" Rail Connector Planning Study (Northeastern Utah/Northwestern Colorado)

Provide for the engineering, environmental, and economic studies necessary to support the successful linking of this two-state area, by rail, to the rest of America.

Ferry Boats   0
Public Lands Highways   $1,889,850
  Soldier Hollow Access Phase II (Tate Lane, Cascade Springs Road, and Stringtown Road), Wasatch County 1,054,800
  Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge access road 835,050
Innovative Bridges US 281 over BNSF RR in Aberdeen $160,000
Historic Covered Bridges   0
Scenic Byways   $75,000
  Implement Nebo Loop Nat'l Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan 25,000
  Implement The Energy Loop: Huntington & Eccles Canyons Nat'l Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan 25,000
  Implement Flaming Gorge-Uintas Nat'l Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan 25,000
TCSP   $1,385,763
  Burlington: North Street and Church Street Improvements

Church Street Market Place

Implement a capital improvement program along Burlington's commercial and business core, the Church Street Marketplace, in phases to improve the existing infrastructure

North Street Revitalization Plan

Undertake the comprehensive revitalization, including transportation related components dealing with pedestrian safety, traffic speed and streetscape aesthetics to improve the quality of life within the mixed­use neighborhood of the North Street corridor.

  Manchester: Pedestrian Initiative

Create more effective parking, create off-street links between parking lots, consolidate curb cuts, improve the sidewalk system, and encourage infill instead of sprawl, to enhance the pedestrian experience and the quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

Ferry Boats   0
Public Lands Highways Nulhegan Basin Division of the Silvio O. Conte National Fish and Wildlife Refuge, north of State Route 105 in towns of Brunswick, Bloomfield, Lewis and Ferdinand, Essex County $439,500
Innovative Bridges Bridge 213, carrying VT RTE 100 over the Ryder Brook in the Town of Morristown $260,000
Historic Covered Bridges   $750,000
  Sanderson Bridge, Rutland Co. 450,000
  Greenbanks Hollow Covered Bridge, Caledonia Co. 300,000
Scenic Byways Windsor/Mount Ascutney Region Waypoint Interpretive Center $484,712
TCSP   $1,785,050
  Fairfax County: Cross County Trail/Potomac National Heritage Scenic Trail 469,750
  Virginia Beach: Bike Trail 375,800
  Loudon, Fauquier, Clarke Counties: Weigh Stations 939,500
Ferry Boats Potomac River Passenger Ferry Boat Service (Potomac river ferry) $580,140
Public Lands Highways   $6,098,200
Innovative Bridges   $228,580
  EB & WB George Washington Memorial Parkway Bridge over Interstate Route 495  
  Experimental span in test site located in the approach lane at VDOT's Troutville Weigh Station on I-81 NB  
Historic Covered Bridges Meems Bottom Covered Bridge, Shenandoah Co. $40,000
Scenic Byways Georgetown Pike Trail - Phase I & II $423,480
TCSP   $3,100,350
  Grays Harbor: Satsop Development Park Road Improvements Develop the transportation infrastructure needed to serve businesses on site, with the highest priority being to construct Main Street, the primary thoroughfare through the Satsop Development Park, and complete Tower Boulevard, the other central corridor dividing the Park into quadrants for continued development. 1,597,150
  Shoreline: SR 99 Corridor Improvements

Enhance the safety of all users and improve the economic development potential of the business district while recognizing the regional importance of the street, including increasing the overall safety for vehicles and non-motorized users in the corridor.

  Clallam County: Olympic Discovery Trail

Construct the last trail segment needed to connect the communities of Port Angeles and Sequim.

  Puget Sound Freight Mobility Systems Team Project 18,790
Ferry Boats   0
Innovative Bridges   $925,000
  Chief Joseph Dam Bridge - Pearl Hill Road over Foster Creek 500,000
  Ever's Bridge - Shelton-Matlock Road over Decker Creek 425,000
  Centennial Trail Bridge over Spokane River at High Bridge Park in Spokane, Washington. 0
Historic Covered Bridges   0
Scenic Byways   $741,600
  Improvement Plans for High Priority Lewis and Clark Sites 481,600
  Lewis and Clark Gateway Interpretive Center 260,000
TCSP   $2,583,625
  Charleston: Kanawha Boulevard Walkway Project

Construct new sidewalks along Kanawha Boulevard from the 35th Street Bridge to the Patrick Street Bridge along the Kanawha Boulevard at the upper level. Make one hundred (100) sites along the new sidewalks ADA compliant; Improve drainage, and to install lighting on the lower walkway.

  Ellenboro and Harrisville: Route 16 Improvements 234,875
  Wheeling: Victorian Village Transportation Initiative

Revitalize the downtown core and halt suburban sprawl by adapting underutilized buildings into a thriving commercial and residential space.

Ferry Boats   0
Innovative Bridges   $511,000
  Howells Mill Bridge, County Route 1 over Mud River 500,000
  Big Arch Bridge 11,000
  Three Springs Drive Overpass 0
Historic Covered Bridges   $1,509,560
  Fletcher Covered Bridge, Harrison Co 500,000
  Hokes Mill Covered Bridge, Greenbrier Co 450,000
  Simpson Creek Covered Bridge, Harrison Co 300,000
  Locust Creek Covered Bridge, Pocahontas Co 259,560
Scenic Byways   $591,332
  Monongahela Byway Corridor Management Plan 43,200
  Corridor Management Plan for Extension of Staunton-Parkersburg Turnpike 24,800
  Implement Midland Trail Corridor Management Plan 25,000
  Midland Trail Corridor Management Plan Revision for Extension 76,640
  North Central Byways and Backways Interpretive Brochure 12,800
  Little Kanawha Parkway Byway Interpretive Materials 8,000
  Promoting Treasures Within the Mountains 29,380
  Meadow River Roadside Park Enhancement Project 82,312
  Development of National Road Brochures, Kiosks and Video 29,200
  Washington Heritage Trail Corridor Management Plan Implementation, Phase I 260,000
TCSP   0
Ferry Boats   0
Innovative Bridges Highway 151 over State High $499,336
Historic Covered Bridges   0
Scenic Byways   $2,669,309
  Implement Corridor Management Plan for Great River Road - Wisconsin 24,900
  Marketing Wisconsin Great River Road - National Scenic Byway 80,000
  Great River Road Scenic Byway Learning Center 368,440
TCSP   0
Ferry Boats   0
Innovative Bridges   0
Historic Covered Bridges   0
Scenic Byways   $2,669,309
  Wyoming 150 Mirror Lake Scenic Byway 36,000
  Wyoming Centennial Scenic Byway Visitors Project 2,633,309
Innovative Bridges   $500,000
  Br. No. 2028 on PR-52 NB over access road to PR-1  
  Br. No. 2029 on PR-52 SB over access road to PR-1  
  Bridge No. 1772 0n PR-167 0ver La Plata River  
Scenic Byways A Program for Interactive Technology $40,000


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