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Monday, January 8, 2001
Contact: Jim Pinkelman, (202) 366-0660
FHWA 1-01

Transportation Secretary Slater Announces New Measure to Speed ITS Deployment

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Rodney E. Slater today announced publication of two important and related documents, a Federal Highway Administration regulation and a Federal Transit Administration policy, that will lead to accelerated deployment of integrated Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

"The new ITS rule and policy will help save lives, time and money," said Secretary Slater. "ITS components that operate together and as part of a system will enhance safety and mobility and reduce the possibility of costly incompatible systems in the future."

The new rule and policy, published today in the Federal Register, contain provisions that would help to speed ITS deployment locally by requiring the development of regional ITS architectures. Regional ITS architectures help guide the integration of ITS components. During a regional architecture's development, agencies that own and operate transportation systems cooperatively consider current and future needs to ensure that today's processes and projects are compatible with one another and with future ITS projects. The new rule and policy also require development of regional ITS architectures that conform with the National ITS Architecture, to which subsequent ITS projects must adhere.

To assist in implementing the new rule and policy, USDOT intends to provide a wide range of technical assistance, guidance and training programs to states, transit agencies, and other agencies with responsibility for implementing these requirements. Details will be posted, as they become available, on USDOT's ITS website at http://www.its.dot.gov. The new rule and policy can be viewed on the Worldwide Web at http://www.its.dot.gov/aconform/rule-policy.html.

The Intelligent Transportation Systems program is USDOT's most innovative surface transportation initiative. By combining 21st century information and communication technologies, ITS enhances operational safety and efficiency, thus improving safety and mobility while contribution to America's continued economic growth.


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