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Friday, July 12, 2002
Contact: Jim Pinkelman
Telephone: 202-366-0660
FHWA 31-02

U.S. Transportation Secretary Mineta Announces $56.3 Million for States in Highway Discretionary Funds

U.S. Transportation Secretary Norman Y. Mineta today announced $56.3 million in Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) discretionary funds for infrastructure projects in 43 states and Puerto Rico.

"President Bush and I recognize the importance of investing in our nation's infrastructure to help ensure America's continued growth and prosperity," Secretary Mineta said. "The projects we are funding will strengthen our transportation system, create jobs across the country and boost our nation's economy."

Funds will be made available to states for projects in the following six categories:

  • Seismic retrofit of bridges;
  • Innovative bridge research and construction;
  • Historic covered bridge preservation;
  • Construction of highways on public lands such as national parks;
  • Ferry boats and terminals to facilitate movement of people and goods across inland and coastal waterways; and
  • Value pricing projects and research.

"These funds will enable important transportation projects to move forward," FHWA Administrator Mary Peters said. "They will strengthen our transportation system by improving safety and mobility, enhance environmental protection, and promote economic growth."

The FHWA allocated $23.5 million for seismic retrofit work, $17.2 million for innovative bridge research and construction, $2.8 million for the historic covered bridge preservation, $939,649 for public lands, $2.94 million for ferry boats and terminals, and $8.8 million for value pricing projects and research.

FHWA discretionary funds are made available after requests from states for funds for projects that meet criteria established by federal law, U.S. Department of Transportation regulations and procedures, and congressional designations.

Totals for the states and Puerto Rico are in the following table:
Federal Highway Administration Discretionary Grants for Infrastructure Projects

State Category Project Amount State Total
ARSeismic RetrofitI-40/Mississippi River, Memphis$4,000,000$4,000,000
CAInnovative BridgeDornan Drive/Garrard Boulevard Tunnel$500,000$8,013,870
Innovative BridgeDanley/Fairview Road $396,000
Value Pricing PilotHighway pricing with dynamic ride-sharing in Alameda County$595,250
Seismic RetrofitGolden Gate, San Francisco$6,522,620
COValue Pricing Pilot High Occupancy Toll lane on I-25 in Denver metro area$1,721,526$1,721,526
CTInnovative BridgeUS Route 1; Stratford & Milford Towns$500,000$500,000
DEInnovative BridgeChurchman's Crossing Bridge - Churchman Road over I-95$500,000$500,000
FLInnovative BridgeUniversity Boulevard bridge crossing $350,000$1,680,000
Value Pricing Pilot Cordon pricing in Fort Myers Beach$500,000
Value Pricing Pilot Sharing of technology on pricing statewide$210,000
Value Pricing Pilot Variable tolls with open road tolling in Broward County$320,000
Ferry BoatCity of Palatka Riverboat - links Murphy Island State Park, Buckman Lock, and towns of Palatka, Welaka & Crescent City$300,000
GAInnovative BridgeState Road 282 over Tails Creek$60,500$60,500
IDInnovative BridgeWestmond Bridge, US 95$50,000$82,200
Innovative BridgeState Highway 21 $32,200
ILInnovative BridgeIL 7; Corenzo Road; I-80; Kean Avenue$500,000$961,830
Historic Bridge Little Mary's Bridge (Rehabilitation and Fire System)$461,830
INInnovative BridgeCounty Road 900 E over North Fork Wildcat Creek$475,000$475,000
IAInnovative BridgeEast 12th St. over I-235$320,000$796,000
Innovative BridgeHighway E64 over Small Creek$170,000
Innovative BridgeIA-92 over Walnut Creek$130,000
Historic Bridge Hammond Bridge$176,000
KSInnovative BridgeDetour bridges at various locations$500,000$500,000
KYInnovative BridgeLouisa - Fort Gay Bridge$195,000$195,000
LAInnovative BridgeLA 378 over West Fork Calcasieu River$488,000$488,000
MEInnovative BridgeIsland Avenue over Penobscot River overflow$500,000$532,000
Innovative BridgeUnion-Washington, Skidmore Road$32,000
MDInnovative BridgeI-95/I-295 Interchange$315,000$315,000
MAInnovative BridgeCentral Street over Quequechan River$500,000$961,830
Historic Bridge Colrain Bridge$461,830
MNInnovative BridgeGlen Road over TH 61, Newport$500,000$1,450,000
Value Pricing Pilot Project development outreach statewide$950,000
MOInnovative BridgeUS 54 over Osage River$500,000$7,560,000
Innovative BridgeSouthview Dr. over Carter Creek$60,000
Seismic RetrofitPoplar Street Approach, City of St. Louis$7,000,000
MTInnovative BridgeThree Structures on Secondary Route 243$250,000$250,000
NEInnovative Bridge168th St. over I-80, Omaha$500,000$1,204,852
Ferry BoatWinnebago Ferry Project$704,852
NVInnovative BridgeI-580 Bridge over Galena Creek$500,000$500,000
NHInnovative BridgeI-293 westbound over Brown Ave., Manchester$287,000$1,170,460
Innovative BridgeI-293 westbound over Frontage Rd., Manchester$131,630
Innovative BridgeMill St. over Lamprey River, Epping$290,000
Historic Bridge Honeymoon Bridge$461,830
NJInnovative BridgeUS 46, NJ 23 & I-80 improvements project (9 bridges)$500,000$500,000
NMInnovative BridgeMountain Valley Road over I-40$500,000$500,000
NYInnovative BridgeFitch Road Bridge over Twelve Mile Creek$282,000$2,825,500
Innovative BridgeCounty Road 38 (North Railroad Road) over North Branch Little Salmon River$195,000
Innovative BridgeErie Canal Road over Independence$255,000
Historic Bridge Salisbury Center$153,500
Ferry BoatReconstruction of Cherry Grove ferry dock in Suffolk County; service across South Bay$90,000
Ferry BoatPassenger access from Whitehall Terminal to Battery Marine Building$600,000
Ferry BoatMulti-user dock for passenger ferries at St. George Ferry Terminal, serving routes to Manhattan, 69th Street, Brooklyn Army Terminal, airport service on East River in Queens, and NJ shore$500,000
Ferry BoatRehabilitation of Slip 5 in Battery Maritime Building at South Ferry in Lower Manhattan; supplements East River Piers 11 & 16, Hudson River Pier A & North Cove Terminals$750,000
NCInnovative BridgeState Road 1178; Interchange for the town of Four Oaks over I-95$385,000$787,400
Value Pricing Pilot High Occupancy Toll lane on I-40 in the Triangle & Piedmont triad regions$402,400
NDInnovative BridgeCass County 17th Ave. southbound, Texas Turn, 13 Ave.$147,938$147,938
OHInnovative BridgeSpecific bridge to be selected$220,000$220,000
OKInnovative BridgeI-40 eastbound over I-44$416,100$416,100
ORInnovative BridgeSylvan Bridge over Sunset Highway$80,000$1,391,550
Innovative BridgeBlevins Bridge - Tangent Drive over Calapooia River$11,550
Value Pricing Pilot Financing infrastructure with value pricing statewide$900,000
Value Pricing PilotHigh Occupancy Toll lane on US 217 in Portland metro area$400,000
PAInnovative BridgeWintergreen Gorge Bridge; SR 4034 over Wintergreen Gorge (Fourmile Creek)$500,000$1,300,000
Value Pricing Pilot Variable tolls on PA Turnpike in Philadelphia metro area$800,000
PRInnovative BridgeBridge No. 206 on PR-102 over Laguna Channel$84,000$84,000
SCInnovative BridgeSC 271 over Wappoo Creek (Intracoastal Waterway)$205,000$610,000
Innovative BridgeUS 29 over Thicketty Creek$405,000
SDInnovative BridgeRussell Avenue over I-29; Maple Avenue over off-ramp; Benson Road over I-29$200,000$200,000
TNHistoric BridgeHarrisburg Bridge$371,760$6,371,760
Seismic RetrofitI-40/Mississippi River, Memphis$6,000,000
TXInnovative BridgeFM 3284 over drainage ditch, north of Gregory, TX$300,000$632,071
Innovative BridgeWashington Street under IH-40$85,071
Innovative BridgeUS 82 westbound at Park Road; Spur 327 connector US 62 westbound at US 62 eastbound; Business loop 84 eastbound at US 84 northbound$95,000
Value Pricing Pilot High Occupancy Toll lane on I-30; regional study in Dallas metro area$152,000
UTInnovative BridgeI-80 over Union Pacific RR near Lake Point$459,000$459,000
VTInnovative BridgeVT Bridge 64, VT 105 over Clyde River$153,000$489,000
Historic Bridge Grist Mill (Canyon) Bridge$336,000
VAInnovative BridgeRoute 688 over Gills Creek$250,000$550,000
Innovative BridgeI-81 northbound over Route 11$300,000
WAInnovative BridgeMonroe Street Bridge over Spokane River$268,000$2,548,000
Historic BridgeCity of Pe Ell's Tin Bridge$400,000
Value Pricing Pilot GPS-based pricing in Seattle metro area$1,880,000
WVInnovative BridgeCedar Creek Truss on CR 119/13$500,000$857,000
Innovative BridgeBigley Avenue Interchange in Charleston, WV$357,000
WIInnovative BridgeUS 151 over De Neveu Creek$499,085$499,085
WYInnovative BridgeRanch Road Interchange over I-25$49,000$988,649
Public Lands HighwaysFort Washakie to Fort Stephens Road (Fremont County right-of-way acquisition & utilities work along the 17-mile road section)$939,649


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