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Tuesday, May 4, 2004
Contact: Lori Irving, Telephone: (202) 366-0660
FHWA 4-04c

U.S. Transportation Secretary Mineta Announces $20.2 Million for California Highway, Bridge Projects

U.S. Transportation Secretary Norman Y. Mineta today announced that newly released funds from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) will help reduce congestion, enhance safety and improve traffic flow at key transportation projects around the state. The Bush administration is providing more than $20 million to improve safety and traffic flow along Interstate 80, undertake modifications that will help the Golden Gate Bridge withstand seismic movements, and fund 41other California transportation projects.

"Investing in California's highways is the best way to get people to their jobs, families to their homes and goods to market," Secretary Mineta said.

Several of the projects will ease congestion on some of the state's most heavily traveled roads. The Bush administration has slated funds for two projects that will help improve current and future traffic congestion on Interstate 5 in the Los Angeles area.

There is also more than $1.1 million for a project that connects the Alameda Corridor and the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to the transcontinental rail network, creating a faster, more efficient method of distributing the expected $314 billion in annual trade.

Other projects include $1.6 million for realignment and safety improvements to Needles Highway in eastern San Bernardino County and more than $570,000 for the Oyster Point Ferry in San Francisco.

"The funding we're announcing today is an investment in the transportation infrastructure of California and the region," said Mary Peters, Administrator of the Federal Highway Administration. "The President understands that these investments are important to our quality of life and to keep our economy moving."

The following table shows the programs and projects funded by these grants.

Borders and Corridors $3,015,435
Alameda Corridor-East Gateway to America Project Phase II, Los Angeles 1,159,783
Arch-Spery Road Improvements 144,973
Auburn Ravine Bridge - City of Lincoln 144,973
State Route 75 (City of Coronado) Tunnel Project Report and Environmental Document 289,946
Elk Grove Sheldon 99 Interchange 173,968
Highway 101 Implementation Plan 347,935
I-5 Interregional Arterials Improvement Project 405,924
Interstate 5 Riverfront Reconnection 289,946
North Coast Interstate 5 289,946
Ranchero Road/Cajon Branchline Grade Separation 289,946
Bridge $3,595,326
Golden Gate Bridge Seismic Retrofit 2,609,512
Greenspot Bridge, Highland, CA 289,945
I-710 Corridor/Gerald Desmond Bridge Gateway Program (Desmond Bridge Replacement) 463,913
Vernon Atlantic Boulevard Bridge Expansion Project 231,956
Ferry Boat $579,892
Oyster Point Ferry Vessel, San Francisco 579,892
Public Lands $5,048,551
Access roads to Beale Air Force Base 424,248
Atwater Federal Penitentiary Access Road 565,664
Calaveras Wagon Trail Expressway Realignment 197,982
Hansen Dam Recreation Area Parking Enhancements, Pacoima 183,841
Highway 62 Traffic and pedestrian safety improvement, in Yucca Valley 282,832
Marin Parklands/Muir Woods Visitor Access 622,230
Mill Creek Road, Mendocino County 226,266
Needles Highway Realignment and Safety Improvements 1,696,992
Presidio Trails and Bikeways, Golden Gate National Recreation Area 565,664
Summit Valley Road, San Bernardino County 282,832
TCSP $144,973
Route 152 Safety Improvements, Santa Clara County 144,973
Interstate Maintenance $3,015,435
I-5/Ortege Highway Interchange Construction 463,913
Interstate 10 Cypress Avenue Overcrossing 463,913
Laval Road Interchange Upgrades at I-5 463,913
Rancho Cucamonga I-15 & Base Line Road Interchange Improvements 463,913
Interstate 80 (I-80) Colfax Narrows Project, California 1,159,783
ITS $4,527,798
Alameda Corridor-East Gateway to America Project Phase II, Los Angeles 647,986
Sacramento Area Council of Governments--ITS Projects 634,486
Carson Passenger Information System 161,996
City of Santa Rosa: Intelligent Transportation System 161,996
Corona City-wide automated traffic management system 539,988
Elk Grove Traffic Operations Center 518,388
Harbor Boulevard Intelligent Transportation 431,990
Intelligent Transportation Systems Deployment Project, Inglewood 269,994
ITS Logistics and Systems Management for the Gateway Cities 134,997
Los Angeles MTA Regional Universal Fare System 269,994
San Diego Joint Transportation Operations Center 215,995
Ventura County Intelligent Transportation System 539,988


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