There are a large number of contracting and procurement opportunities to support the programs of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). Most FHWA contracting opportunities are managed by the Office of Acquisition Management, which awards and administers contracts, grants and cooperative agreements for the highway Research and Development program, technical and professional services, Intelligent Transportation Systems, data analysis, information systems, laboratory equipment, and training to support the adoption of new transportation technologies. The Office also runs a simplified acquisition program to purchase supplies, support services, information technology, and other equipment.

Contracting opportunities specifically for FHWA's Federal Lands Highway program include engineering services for planning and designing highways on Federally-owned lands, as well as construction contracts for building parkways and park roads, Indian reservation roads, defense access roads, and other roads on Federal lands.

FHWA contracting opportunities can be found at:

Contracting opportunities for other agencies of the U.S. Department of Transportation can be found at: "Doing Business With the Department of Transportation".

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