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Summary of State Transportation Agency Bidding Information Available on the Internet

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ST Web Page Registration Required for Access Bid Packages Addenda EBS
Advertised Bid
Plans Bid Proposals Source of Electronic Bid Packages Transmittal via
Paper CD Internet (Info. Only) Internet (Bidding) Certified Mail Electronic Mail Electronic Media Fax Telegram Disk / CD Internet Not Specified Internet Disk / CD
ALAlabama DOT - Project Letting InformationXXXXXX
Alabama DOT - Bid ExpressXXXBid ExpressX
Material Sources
AKConstruction Bidding, Procurement, Alaska DOT & PFXXXX
Southeast Region Bid CalendarXALDOT & PF
Statewide Materials Resources
AZContracts & SpecificationsXXXX
Arizona DOT Home Page - Bid ExpressXXBid ExpressX
Approved Products List (APL)
ARSContractor InformationXXX
Contractor Information
CACaltrans - Currently Advertised ProjectsXXXX
Caltrans - Office Engineer - Ads for BidXCalTrans
Caltrans Pre-Qualified Products List
APL Main
CTConnDOT Construction Bids MenuXXXX
New Product Evaluation Policy
DCOffice of Contracting and ProcurementXXX
District Department of Transportation
DEDelaware DOT - Doing Business with DelDOTXXXXX
Delaware Department of Transportation - Doing Business with DelDOT
FLThe Contracts Administration Office HomeXXqSheetXXX
Florida DOT Home Page - Bid ExpressXBid Express
FDOT, Specs and Estimates - Qualified Products List (QPL)
APL - Traffic Control Signals & Signal Devices
GAGeorgia DOT - Doing BusinessXXX
GDOT-Office of Contract Administration
Georgia DOT Home Page - Bid ExpressXXXBid ExpressX
GDOT-Office of Contract Administration
HIBusiness Related InformationXX
IDContractor Information HomepageXX
Qualified Products List
ILIllinois DOT - Letting and Bidding InformationXXIDOTXXXX
Approved Lists for Materials
INIndiana DOT - Doing Business with INDOTXXXInDOTXXX
Doing Business with INDOT -Approved Materials
IAOffice of Contracts - Iowa DOTXXXXXX
Iowa DOT Home Page - Bid ExpressXXXBid ExpressX
Approved Products List
KSKansas DOT: Information for Highway ContractorsXXXKsDOTXX
KDOT: Home Page - Bid ExpressXXXBid ExpressX
Pre-Qualified Materials Listing
KYKYTC - Division of Contract ProcurementXXXKYTCXX
List of Approved Materials
LALA DOTD - Construction LettingXX
Electronic Plans Distribution Center: LogonXXXLADOTD
LADOTD Home Page -Bid ExpressXXXBid ExpressX
QPL - Table of Contents
MEWelcome to the MaineDOTXXXMDOTXX
Maine DOT Home Page - Bid ExpressXXXX
Approved Products List
MDMDSHA: Contractors Information CenterXXX
Maryland Product Evaluation List
MAExecutive Office of TransportationXXXMHDX
Welcome to Comm-PASSXX
Qualified Construction Materials
Approved Fabricators
Capital Imaging - Lansing, MIXX
Motor City Imaging -Total Information MangementXX
Michigan DOT Home Page - Bid ExpressXXXBid ExpressX
Materials Source Guide (.pdf)
MNMn/DOT: Bid letting - One Item Per Line pageXXXXX
Minnesota DOT Home Page - Bid ExpressXXXBid ExpressX
Approved Products and Materials
MSConstruction Contracts and BiddingsXXXX
Approved Sources of Materials - Products ListX
MOBusiness HomeXXXX
Pre-Qualified Products
MTMDT Current Letting InformationXXXXMDTXXXX
Montana DT Home Page - Bid ExpressXXXBid ExpressX
Qualified Products List
NEContractors' CornerXXXXXX
Current Letting PlansXXPlans - PlanView
On-Line Proposals for ConstructionXXProposals - NDOR
Nebraska DOR - Bid ExpressXXXBid ExpressX
Approved Products List
NVNevada DOT Contractor and Consultant InformationXX
Qualified Product List
NHNHDOT Business CenterXX
Qualified Products
NJNJDOT Current Advertised ProjectsXXX
New Jersey DOT - Bid ExpressXXXXBid ExpressX
NJDOT Approved Materials
NM Plans, Specifications and Estimates (PS&E) SectionXXXXXXX
New Mexico DOT - Bid ExpressXXXXXBid ExpressX
Approved Products List
NYNYSDOT | Business CenterXXXX
NYSDOT | Materials Bureau
NCNorth Carolina DOT - Letting InformationXXNCDOTXX
North Carolina DOT - Bid ExpressXXBid ExpressX
Approved Products List
NDNDDOT Bid Opening InformationXXXXXXX
NDDOT Home Page - Bid ExpressX
OHDivision of Contract AdministrationXXXX
DigitalPaper XE® - Ohio DOTXXDigitalPaper XE
Ohio DOT - Bid ExpressXXBid ExpressX
Certified Producers and Suppliers
OKOkDOT Contracts & Proposals InformationXXX
Oklahoma DOT - Bid ExpressXXBid ExpressX
Materials/Sources Index
ORODOT Construction - (Highway & Bridge Contracts)XX
Qualified Products
New Product Evaluation Program (.pdf)
Approved Bridge and Structure Products
PRDepartamento de Transportación y Obras PúblicasX
RIRIDOT Current Bid OpportunitiesXCDXX
RI Dep't of Administration - Division of Purchasing
SCDoing Business with SCDOT - Construction ExtranetXXXXX
South Carolina DOT - Bid ExpressXXBid ExpressX
Approval Sheets & Policies for Construction Materials
SDSDDOT / Operations / Bid Letting / EBS LettingsXXSDDOTXXXX
Approved Products List
TNConstruction Division - Tennessee DOTXXXTDOTX
Tennessee DOT - Bid ExpressXXXBid ExpressX
TXTxDOT Contractor Services - Letting InformationXXXX
Plans Online InformationnXXTxDOT
Material Producer List
Product Listings
VTVAOT - Electronic BiddingXXXXX
Vermont DOT - Bid ExpressXXBid ExpressX
Materials and Research
VAVDOT Business: Construction DivisionXXX
Virginia Department of Transportation: Falcon/SVPXXXFalcon
Virginia DOT - Bid ExpressXXXBid ExpressX
New Products
WAWSDOT - Contract Ad and AwardXXXX
Builder's Exchange - Washington State DOTXXXFast Bid
Source/Product Listing
WIConstruction - Wisconsin DOTXXWisDOTXX
Wisconsin DOT: Home Page - Bid ExpressXXBid ExpressX
Materials Reporting System
Erosion Control Products
WYWyoming DOT Contractor InformationXXXX
Qualified Asphalt Suppliers
Qualified Precast Concrete


  • BE = Bid Express
  • EE = Engineer's Estimate
  • EBS=Electronic Bidding System
  • ALB = Apparent Low Bidder
  • PCC = Portland Cement Concrete

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