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State Roadway Design Manuals

The table below indicates the online location of State highway agency roadway design manuals, when available. If the design manual is not available online the URL listed is the State web site with other design information. If you are just looking for State Standard Drawings, see http://www.specs.fhwa.dot.gov/nhswp/Specifications/StandardDrawingsList

AKPreconstruction Manual
AZEngineering Records Publications
CAHighway Design Manual
COCDOT Design Guide 2005
CTHighway Design Manual (.pdf)
DE Road Design Manual
FLDesigner Manuals
IDDesign Manual
INDesign Manual
IAOffice of Design - Design Manual
KSStandard Specifications for State Road and Bridge Construction
KYHighway Design Manual
MAProject Development & Design Guide
MNRoad Design Manual
MTManuals, Guidelines and Catalogs
NERoadway Design Manual & Updates
NVReports and Publications
NHInformation for Engineers, Contractors & Consultants
NJRoadway Design Manual
NYHighway Design Manual
NCStructure Design Unit's Design Manual
Highway Design Branch - Design Manual
OHRoadway Standards: Location & Design Manuals
OKRoadway Design Standards & Specifications
PAHighway Quality Assurance Division Standards & Criteria Section
RIStandard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction
SCRoad Design Plan Preparation Guide
SDRoad Design Manual
TNDesign Division Online Resource
TXRoadway Design Manual
UTRoadway Design Manual of Instruction
VTVermont State Design Standards (.pdf)
VARoad Design Manual
WADesign Policy, Standards, & Safety Research Unit
WVEngineering Publications and Manuals
WYRoad Design Manual
FHWA Federal LandsProject Development and Design Manual
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Updated: 05/04/2016
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