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Federal Highway Administration / Publications / Focus / November 2001

Accelerating Infrastructure Innovations

Publication Number: FHWA-RD-02-004
Date: November 2001

Articles in this Issue

Arkansas Paves the Way to Smoother Roads

Under an ambitious $1 billion Interstate rehabilitation program, the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD) will rubblize 444 km (276 mi) of concrete roads and overlay them with a Superpave mix by 2005. As part of the program, which began in 2000, 102 km (64 mi) of existing asphalt pavement will also be overlaid and 64 km (40 miles) of portland cement concrete (PCC) will be completely reconstructed.

Conference Features Concrete Solutions for a New Century

Nearly 400 attendees from 36 countries turned out to discuss the use of concrete in developing long-lasting pavement solutions for the 21st century at the Seventh International Conference on Concrete Pavements. Held September 9-13, 2001, in Orlando, Florida, the event also featured 14 exhibits.

DataPave 3.0: Your Ticket to Pavement Performance Data

Accessing reliable national pavement performance data just became easier. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is releasing the updated DataPave 3.0 software this month, which contains data collected through the Long Term Pavement Performance (LTPP) program.

International Congress To Examine New Challenges for Winter Road Maintenance

This January, follow the road to Japan for the 11th International Winter Road Congress. Sponsored by the World Road Association (PIARC), the meeting will be held in Sapporo on January 28-31, 2002. The Congress will feature presentations on such topics as utilizing road weather information, privatizing winter road maintenance, winter road management in urban areas, and the education and training of road maintenance personnel. The event will also feature an exhibition of related technologies, demonstrations of snow-removal machinery, and tours of winter road management and maintenance facilities.

September 11 and Beyond: Highway Agencies Respond to Keep America Mobile and Secure

On September 11, 2001, the emergency response plan that the Virginia Department of Transportation (DOT) devised 8 years ago was suddenly no longer just a plan. "Our control center was locked down minutes after the incident in New York City, and our rapid response plan was put into effect," says Steve Mondul, Special Assistant to the Transportation Commissioner. "The DOT's Smart Traffic Center is located near the Pentagon in Arlington," says Mondul. "Center personnel were watching the coverage of New York on TV when the plane came directly overhead and hit the Pentagon. Immediately they dispatched vehicles to the site to assist and offered their building as an evacuation center for military personnel. For 3 days, many of the Pentagon's operations were run out of the Smart Traffic Center."

Saving Superpave

A national team of partners has been recognized by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Standing Committee on Quality for "Saving Superpave" by mobilizing support for the technology in the wake of Federal funding cuts.

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