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Federal Highway Administration / Publications / Focus / April 2004

Accelerating Infrastructure Innovations

Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-04-024
Date: April 2004

Highway Technology Calendar

The following events provide opportunities to learn more about products and technologies for accelerating infrastructure innovations.

Making Work Zones Work Better Workshops

April 6-7, 2004, Bangor, ME

April 27, 2004, Sacramento, CA

April 29, 2004, Riverside, CA

FHWA, along with State and local partners, is sponsoring this series of workshops to share information on new and emerging technologies and practices for reducing congestion and crashes in and around work zones.

Contact: Carol Keenan at FHWA, 202-366-6993 (email: carol.keenan@fhwa.dot.gov; Web: www.fhwa.dot.gov/workzones).

2004 Concrete Bridge Conference

May 17-18, 2004, Charlotte, NC

The focus at this conference will be on high-performance concrete bridges and rapid bridge construction. The event is sponsored by the National Concrete Bridge Council, Portland Cement Association, American Concrete Institute, and FHWA.

Contact: Shri Bhide at the Portland Cement Association, 847-972-9100 (fax: 847-972-9101; email: sbhide@cement.org; Web: www.nationalconcretebridge.org/cbc/).

First Rubber Modified Asphalt Conference

May 19-20, 2004, Grand Rapids, MI

The conference will provide a forum for discussing the uses of rubber modified asphalt. Topics will include best practices, State and contractor experiences, and environmental considerations. Conference sponsors include the Rubber Pavements Association, Rubber Manufacturers Association, the Rubber Division of the American Chemical Society, and FHWA.

Contact: For registration information, contact WALCOM-Registration Services, 740-524-4123 (fax: 877-848-4123; email: reg@walcom.com). To learn more about the conference, visit www.rubber.org/meetings/asphalt.htm.

First International Symposium on the Design and Construction of Long Lasting Asphalt Pavements

June 7-9, 2004, Auburn, AL

The symposium will facilitate the exchange of information on materials and mix design, construction issues, quality control/quality assurance, contracting methods, perpetual pavements, and other related topics. Sponsors include the International Society for Asphalt Pavements, the Asphalt Alliance, and FHWA.

Contact: National Center for Asphalt Technology, 334-844-6228 (fax: 334-844-6248; email: taplecp@eng.auburn.edu; Web: www.ncat.us (click on "Upcoming Events")).

Second National Prefabricated Bridges Workshop

September 8-10, 2004, New Brunswick, NJ

The workshop will look at how the use of prefabricated bridge elements and systems enables bridge owners, designers, and construction contractors to "Get in, Get out, and Stay out." Sessions will cover how prefabricated bridge components can be used to minimize traffic disruption, improve work zone safety, reduce environmental impacts, and improve constructibility while maintaining quality. Various bridge projects featuring prefabrication will also be highlighted. The event is sponsored by FHWA, AASHTO, and the Midwest Transportation Consortium, in cooperation with the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Contact: Charlie Nemmers at the University of Missouri-Columbia, 573-882-0071 (email: nemmersc@missouri.edu), Benjamin Tang at FHWA, 202-366-4592 (email: benjamin.tang@fhwa.dot.gov), or Mary Lou Ralls at the Texas Department of Transportation, 512-416-2183 (email: mralls@dot.state.tx.us).

Structural Materials Technology: NDE/NDT for Highways and Bridges 2004

September 14-17, 2004, Buffalo, NY

Participants will be able to learn about the state-of-the-art in nondestructive evaluation (NDE) and nondestructive testing (NDT) technologies. The event is sponsored by The American Society for Nondestructive Testing, Inc., New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT), Transportation Research Board, FHWA, and the Structural Engineering Institute.

Contact: Glenn Washer at FHWA, 202-493-3082 (fax: 202-493-3442; email: glenn.washer@fhwa.dot.gov), or Sreenivas Alampalli at the NYSDOT, 518-457-6827 (email: salampalli@dot.state.ny.us; Web: www.fhwa.dot.gov/bridge/smt.htm).

Second International Conference on Bridge Maintenance, Safety, and Management

October 19-22, 2004, Kyoto, Japan

The confererence will address all major aspects of bridge maintenance, safety, and management, including assessment and evaluation, bridge management systems, nondestructive testing, rehabilitation, maintenance strategies, and service life prediction. Event sponsors include the International Association for Bridge Maintenance and Safety, Transportation Research Board, FHWA, California Department of Transportation, University of Colorado at Boulder, and the Danish Road Directorate.

Contact: For information about the conference, visit iabmas04.kuciv.kyoto-u.ac.jp.

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