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Federal Highway Administration / Publications / Focus / June 2004

Accelerating Infrastructure Innovations

Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-04-026
Date: June 2004

Your Pavement and Materials Connection

They're all about pavements. The Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) Pavement and Materials Technical Service Team (TST) offers information and technology to help State and local agencies and others design and build better pavements. Headquartered in FHWA's Resource Center office in Atlanta, Georgia, the team also has members located across the country. The team is one of 10 new specialized TSTs created by FHWA in 2003.

"Our biggest initiative this year is the introduction of the forthcoming Mechanistic-Empirical Design Guide for New and Rehabilitated Pavement Structures. We will be working with FHWA's Design Guide Implementation Team to host workshops nationwide," says team leader Monte Symons of FHWA. The workshops will help State highway agency and FHWA staff get ready to use the new Guide.

Working in partnership with FHWA's Office of Asset Management and Division Offices, new pavement technologies that the team is promoting include the high-speed Rolling Wheel Deflectometer (RWD), which measures pavement deflections under a moving truck wheel load. The RWD consists of a single axle, dual-wheeled semi trailer equipped with four spot lasers mounted on a beam beneath the trailer. Measurements can be collected while traveling at 64 to 80 km/h (40 to 50 mi/h). "A prototype of the device is available and we are encouraging States to take a look at it and try it out," says Symons. Because it allows faster data collection, the device can be used on a network basis, not just for collecting data on individual road projects.

The team offers courses and workshops on such topics as:

Also offered is a seminar on preventive maintenance/pavement preservation designed for mid- to upper-level managers in transportation agencies. The team's Web site (https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/resourcecenter/teams/pavement/index.cfm) features details on each course, as well as information on pavement and materials best practices, upcoming events, and useful publications. Team members are also working with FHWA's Long-Term Pavement Performance program and Accelerated Construction Technology Transfer initiative to advance the implementation of their pavement products and construction strategies. The team collaborates with FHWA's Office of Pavement Technology as well.

Three additional members will be joining the team over the next several months. Steve Mueller will be located in Denver, Colorado; Chris Wagner in Atlanta, Georgia; and Dennis Dvorak in Olympia Fields, Illinois.

For information or assistance, contact one of the team members listed in the sidebar or Monte Symons at 404-562-4782 (fax: 404-562-3700; email: monte.symons@fhwa.dot.gov).

FHWA Pavement and Materials Technical Service Team Contacts

Atlanta, GA

Angel Correa, 404-562-3907 (fax: 404-562-3700; email: angel.correa@fhwa.dot.gov)

Luis Rodriguez, 404-562-3681 (fax: 404-562-3700; email: luis.rodriguez@fhwa.dot.gov)

Michael Smith, 404-562-3694 (fax: 404-562-3700; email: michael.smith@fhwa.dot.gov)

Baltimore, MD

Michael Arasteh, 410-962-0678 (fax: 410-962-4586; email: michael.smith@fhwa.dot.gov)

Joe Huerta, 410-962-2298 (fax: 410-962-4586; email: joseph.huerta@fhwa.dot.gov)

Mike Moravec, 410-962-5623 (fax: 410-962-4586; email: mike.moravec@fhwa.dot.gov)

James Walls, 410-962-4796 (fax: 410-962-4586; email: james.walls@fhwa.dot.gov)

McLean, VA

Antonio Nieves, 202-493-3074 (fax: 202-493-3161; email: antonio.nieves@fhwa.dot.gov)

Olympia Fields, IL

Keith Herbold, 708-283-3548 (fax: 708-283-3501; email: keith.herbold@fhwa.dot.gov)

Bob Orthmeyer, 708-283-3533 (fax: 708-283-3501; email: robert.orthmeyer@fhwa.dot.gov)

San Francisco, CA

Bernie Kuta, 720-963-3204 (fax: 720-963-3232; email: bernie.kuta@fhwa.dot.gov)

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