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Accelerating Infrastructure Innovations
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August 2005Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-05-029

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Highway Technology Calendar

The following events provide opportunities to learn more about products and technologies for accelerating infrastructure innovations.

Construction Practices for Segmental Concrete Bridges Seminar

August 29-30, 2005, Newark, NJ

Cosponsored by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the American Segmental Bridge Institute (ASBI), the seminar will cover the new Construction Practices Handbook for Segmental Concrete Bridges. The registration fee will be waived for FHWA and State highway agency engineers.

Contact: Myint Lwin at FHWA, 202-366-4589 (fax: 202-366-3077; email:, or Cliff Freyermuth at ASBI, 602-997-9964 (fax: 602-997-9965; email: Information is also available at (click on "Menu" and then choose "Construction Practices Seminars").

2005 Eastern Winter Road Maintenance Symposium and Equipment Expo

September 7-8, 2005, Hartford, CT

The symposium is designed for winter maintenance managers and other public works practitioners. Topics will cover safety, operations, and environmental issues.

Contact: For registration information, contact Trindal Stanke at the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), 202-624-3696 (email: For additional information, contact Paul Pisano at FHWA, 202-366-1301 (email: Information is also available online at

Tunnel Management System Showcase

September 20, 2005, Washington, DC

This showcase workshop will highlight Washington, DC's, implementation of the new tunnel management system developed by FHWA and the Federal Transit Administration (see article in May 2005 Focus).

Contact: Raj Ailaney at FHWA, 202-366-1567 (email:, or Sonya Hill at FHWA, 202-366-1337 (email:

2005 Western Bridge Engineers' Seminar

September 25-28, 2005, Portland, OR

The seminar is a biennial cooperative effort by FHWA's Resource Center and the transportation departments of Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington State. This year's theme is "Improving Bridge Design, Construction, and Operations."

Contact: Jean Canfield, Conference Manager, 360-943-7732 (email:, or Timothy Rogers at FHWA, 503-587-4706 (email: Conference information is available online at

Green Highway Forum

September 26-29, 2005, College Park, MD

The event will focus on developing a "green highway" certification program and a new Green Highway Awards initiative.

Contact: For information about the forum's agenda, contact Jason Harrington at FHWA, 202-366-1576 (email:, or visit For registration information, contact Frank Reilly at the Wetlands and Watershed Work Group, 877-586-3912 (email:

SCC 2005

October 30-November 2, 2005, Chicago, IL

The conference will highlight innovative applications of self-consolidating concrete (SCC) worldwide. Topics will include mix design, structural performance, and test methods.

Contact: Richard Garza at the Center for Advanced Cement-Based Materials, 847-491-3858 (fax: 847-467-1078; email:, or visit

First National Conference on Roadway Pavement Preservation

October 31-November 1, 2005, Kansas City, MO

Organized by the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Task Force on Roadway Pavement Preservation, the conference will provide a forum for discussion of all aspects of successfully implementing pavement preservation activities. Topics will include management; engineering; economics; the establishment of strategic performance goals; and the implementation of routine maintenance, preventive maintenance, and minor rehabilitation activities.

Contact: Francine Shaw-Whitson at FHWA, 202-366-8028 (email:, or Katie Zimmerman at Applied Pavement Technology, Inc., 217-398-3977 (email: Information is also available at

Sixth National Conference on Transportation Asset Management

November 1-3, 2005, Kansas City, MO

With the theme of "Making Asset Management Work in Your Organization," the conference is designed to be a forum to share information on an array of asset management topics. The event is sponsored by FHWA, AASHTO, and TRB.

Contact: Francine Shaw-Whitson at FHWA, 202-366-8028 (email:, or Katie Zimmerman at Applied Pavement Technology, Inc., 217-398-3977 (email: Information is also available at

FHWA Unknown Foundations Summit

November 14-16, 2005, Lakewood, CO

The summit will provide a forum to discuss the current standard-of-practice and state-of-the-art techniques available to manage bridges with unknown foundations. The summit will also provide attendees an opportunity to see and learn about numerous technologies available from a variety of vendors.

Contact: Khamis Haramy at FHWA, 720-963-3521 (email:, or Cynthia Nurmi at FHWA, 404-562-3908 (email:

National Quality Conference

December 13-14, 2005, New Orleans, LA

Sponsored by the National Partnership for Highway Quality (NPHQ), the conference will highlight the movement to establish a State Quality Partnership in every State by 2008.

Contact: Bob Templeton at NPHQ, 512-301-9899 (email:, or Byron Lord at FHWA, 202-366-1325 (fax: 202-366-3943; email: Information is also available on the NPHQ Web site at

2005 FHWA Accelerated Bridge Construction Conference

December 14-16, 2005, San Diego, CA

Sponsored by FHWA, this conference will look at how prefabricated bridge elements and systems can be used to accelerate construction, minimize traffic disruption, increase quality, and lower life-cycle costs.

Contact: Roland Nimis at FHWA, 415-744-2653 (email:, or Vasant Mistry at FHWA, 202-366-4599 (email: Information is also available at

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