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Federal Highway Administration / Publications / Focus / August 1997

Accelerating Infrastructure Innovations

Publication Number: FHWA-SA-97-026
Date: August 1997

In Brief

The SHRP work zone safety devices are being evaluated for use in Australia, according to Geoff Caldwell of Queensland Main Roads. The project began last year, after the highway agency saw a copy of FHWA's brochure, Innovative Devices for Safer Work Zones. "The aim of the project is to make our managers and field operators aware of the availability of the innovative safety devices and then to get them implemented in our work zones," says Caldwell.

County governments in the United States have already adopted several of the SHRP work zone safety devices. To introduce them to the intrusion alarm and its benefits, FHWA sponsored an exhibit at the National Association of Counties conference in Baltimore last month. The exhibit showcased the seven different models of intrusion alarms.

"The exhibit is a great way of providing a firsthand look at these devices. People can compare the devices and see for themselves how they work," says FHWA's Peter Hatzi.

Got a question about the Superpave system? Or want to find out where you can go for training? A new brochure outlines the range of resources available to assist highway agencies and industry in implementing the Superpave system. The brochure was jointly developed by the Superpave Technology Delivery Team and the Superpave Lead States team. To request a copy, contact FHWA's Research and Technology Report Center (fax: 301-577-1421); ask for publication number FHWA-SA-97-083.

"The asphalt user-producer groups play a vital role in the process of implementing the Superpave system," says FHWA's Don Steinke. The Asphalt Technical Working Group thus decided to hold its most recent meeting in conjunction with that of the National Asphalt User-Producer Group. The agendas for the meetings covered a wide range of Superpave implementation issues, and the back-to-back meetings allowed ample opportunity for discussion.

The Southeast Asphalt User-Producer Group will hold its annual meeting in Williamsburg, VA, on December 3 and 4, 1997. The agenda will focus on the design of, materials used in, and construction of Superpave pavements. For more information, contact Doug Hanson at the Southeastern Superpave Regional Center, 334-844-6240; fax: 334-844-6248; email: hansondi@eng.auburn.edu).

Jesse Story, cochairman of the Highway Operations Technical Working Group, has been named administrator for the Kentucky Division of FHWA.

Gerry Eller, director of FHWA's Office of Engineering and former chairman of the Asphalt Technical Working Group, has retired after 34 years of service with the agency.

John Conrad of the Washington State Department of Transportation (DOT) has been named to the AASHTO Task Force on SHRP Implementation. He replaces Stan Moon, also from Washington State DOT.

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