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Federal Highway Administration / Publications / Focus / February 1997

Accelerating Infrastructure Innovations

Publication Number: FHWA-SA-97-020
Date: February 1997

Help with the Superpave System Is Only a Phone Call Away

Having trouble getting up to speed with the Superpave system? Don't panic-the Superpave Lead States team has assembled a list of engineers and technicians who are ready and able to provide technical support and assistance with everything from Superpave binder testing to pavement construction.

The Superpave team, which includes Florida, Indiana, Maryland, New York, Texas, and Utah, is one of seven Lead States teams recently formed as part of an initiative spearheaded by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (see November 1996 Focus). The Lead States' mission is to share what they have learned in implementing technologies developed or evaluated under the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP), so that the learning period for others can be reduced.

The Superpave Lead States team decided that its first step would be to develop a pool of technical expertise to assist with pilot projects in design, construction, implementation plan development, and troubleshooting. This pool of expertise consists of 27 representatives from highway agencies, industry, and academia in the Lead States, who were selected on the basis of their experience with the Superpave system.

"These are the personnel who are directly involved with the Superpave binders and mixes and who have hands-on experience with the technology," says Cameron Petersen, a materials engineer with the Utah Department of Transportation (DOT).

The members of the team's pool of technical expertise will mainly provide assistance by phone.

"The contacts will primarily help in any technical matters that we can initially handle over the phone and disseminate information such as technical reports," says Petersen. "Also, some on-site assistance may be available, and depending on resources, talks can be given at conferences."

Byron Lord of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) says that FHWA has set aside money this year to support the activities of the Lead States teams.

Lord, who has been closely involved with the Lead States initiative since its inception, says the Superpave Lead States team's list of technical contacts should be very valuable. "As States attempt to decide how they can best benefit from the Superpave system, the Superpave Lead States team's pool of expertise will be an excellent resource to help them make informed decisions and implement the technology."

A videotape jointly produced by the New York State Department of Transportation (DOT) and FHWA's New York Division is another resource available from the Lead States team. The videotape, titled Superpave: Tomorrow's Pavements Today, describes how the highway agency and industry are working together to move forward with implementation of the new mix design system. State highway agencies in the New England region have been sent a copy of the videotape. A limited number of copies are available from FHWA's report center (telephone: 301-577-0906; fax: 301-577-1421). For questions about the videotape production or distribution, contact Rick Dunn in FHWA's New York Division (telephone: 518-431-4125, ext. 240; fax: 518-431-4121; email: rick.dunn@fhwa.dot.gov).

Superpave Lead States Pool of Expertise

Area of Expertise Name Affiliation Phone Fax
Binder Formulation and Supply
Tim O'Connell Koch Materials, Utah 801-292-1434 801-295-1346
Binder Specifications
Richard Smutzer Indiana DOT 317-232-5280 317-356-9351
Binder Testing
Rick Finney Maryland SHA 301-678-6134 301-678-5190
Jeff Groff New York DOT 518-457-3113 518-457-8171
Darren Hazlett Texas DOT 512-232-1902 512-232-1939
Jitesh Parikh Maryland SHA 301-513-7373 301-513-7387
Cameron Petersen Utah DOT 801-965-4296 801-965-3843
Rhonda Richardson Indiana DOT 317-232-5280 317-356-9351
Roy Ulibarri Utah DOT 801-965-4295 801-965-3843
Binder/Mix Design
Gale Page Florida DOT 352-337-3208 352-334-1648
Glenn Shiller Florida DOT 352-337-3203 352-334-1649
Lloyd Lefevre Staker Paving Co., Utah 801-298-7500 801-295-5526
Mike Worischeck Staker Paving Co., Utah 801-298-7500 801-295-5526
Larry Michael Maryland SHA 301-678-6134 301-678-5190
Leadership, Funding, Coordination
Gerald Barrett Utah DOT 801-965-4328 801-965-4796
Mix Design
Toby Dillow Florida DOT 352-337-3189 352-334-1649
Marisa Kalinowski Materials Testing Lab Inc., New York 516-354-6600 ext. 16 516-354-6690
Mix Design and Analysis
Bob McGennis South Central Superpave Center, Austin, Texas 512-475-7912 512-475-7914
Bill Wells Maryland SHA 301-678-6134 301-678-5190
Mix Design Specifications and Analysis
Howard Anderson Utah DOT 801-965-4616 801-965-4796
Mix Design and Analysis, Construction
Ron Sines New York DOT 518-457-4582 518-457-8171
Maghsoud Tahmoressi Texas DOT 512-232-1903 512-232-1939
Mix Design, Construction
Jim Musselman Florida DOT 352-337-3150 352-334-1648
James Smith Advance Testing Company, New York 914-496-1600 914-496-1398
Mix Specifications
Dave Andrewski Indiana DOT 317-232-5280 317-356-9351
Mix Testing
Steve Niederhauser Utah DOT 801-965-4294 801-965-3843
Specification Writing, Equipment Purchasing, Implementation Plan Development
Gloria Burke Maryland SHA 301-678-6134 301-678-5190

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