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Federal Highway Administration / Publications / Focus / November/December 1997

Accelerating Infrastructure Innovations

Publication Number: FHWA-SA-97-029
Date: November/December 1997

SHRP Implementation Calendar

State/FHWA SHRP Coordinators Meeting

January 11, 1998, Washington, DC

Contact: Neil Hawks at TRB, 202-334-1426 (fax: 202-334-3471; email: nhawks@nas.edu).

South Central Superpave Center Courses

Austin, TX

Asphalt Binder Analysis

January 26-29, 1998

March 9-12, 1998

Mix Design and Analysis

February 16-19, 1998

April 6-9, 1998

The courses will feature both classroom instruction and hands-on laboratory work. They are open to anyone in the asphalt technology field, including State, city, and county personnel; contractors; consultants; and testing laboratory staff.

Contact: For registration information, contact the continuing engineering studies department at the University of Texas at Austin, 512-471-3506 (fax: 512-232-1972). For information about course content, contact Thomas Kennedy at 512-471-7741 (fax: 512-475-8744).

Pacific Coast SHRP Superpave Facility Courses

Richmond, CA

Superpave Mix Design and Analysis

February 2-6, 1998

Superpave Volumetric Mix Design

March 4-6, 1998

These courses are designed for pavement design and materials engineers, asphalt producers and suppliers, and hot mix asphalt producers, as well as others who may be responsible for training personnel in Superpave technology.

Contact: Larry Santucci at the Pacific Coast SHRP Superpave Facility, 510-231-9428 (fax: 510-231-9589).

North Central Superpave Center Courses

Volumetric Mix Design Course

December 15-17, 1997, West Lafayette, IN

January 26-28, 1998, Indianapolis, IN

February 11-13, 1998, West Lafayette, IN

March 24-26, 1998, Indianapolis, IN

Binder Course

April 1-3, 1998, Indianapolis, IN

These courses are designed to give laboratory technicians and managers an understanding of the Superpave binder specifications and mix design procedures.

Contact: For registration information, contact Nona Schaler at 765-494-2756 (fax: 765-494-0567; email: njschaler@cea.purdue.edu). For information on course content, contact Julie Smith at 765-463-2317 (fax: 765-497-2402).

Asphalt Conference and Exposition

March 22-25, 1998, Atlanta, GA

The conference will feature more than 25 sessions on such topics as "Meeting the Superpave Paving Challenge," and "Quality Control in Recycling and Reclaiming." The accompanying exposition will feature the latest in asphalt equipment and services.

Contact: Gale Johnson at the Asphalt Contractor, 800-355-1860,.ext. 22 (fax: 816-248-1843).

Superpave Courses

March 25-26, 1998, Atlanta, GA

Held in conjunction with the Asphalt Conference and Exposition, these courses are sponsored by the Asphalt Contractor, the National Highway Institute, and the Federal Highway Administration. The courses offered are "Hot Mix Asphalt Construction," "Hot Mix Production Facilities," "Pavement Recycling," and "Superpave."

Contact: Gale Johnson at 800-355-1860 (fax: 816-248-1843).

Superpave: Today and Tomorrow

April 21-23, 1998, St. Louis, Missouri

This conference will highlight the latest in Superpave research and implementation activities. The featured sessions will include updates on Superpave binders, volumetric mix design, and performance testing. Participants will also discuss the future of the Superpave system.

The conference is sponsored by the Asphalt Institute and the Federal Highway Administration. It is designed for all of those involved in Superpave implementation, including State, local, and Federal managers and technicians; testing laboratory personnel; and industry representatives.

For registration or exhibitor information, contact Mandee Hall at the Asphalt Institute, 606-288-4964 (fax: 606-288-4999; email: seminars@asphaltinstitute.org).

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