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Federal Highway Administration / Publications / Focus / October 1997

Accelerating Infrastructure Innovations

Publication Number: FHWA-SA-97-028
Date: October 1997

FHWA Broadens the Base of Technical Support for Users of the Superpave System

State and local highway agencies now have a new resource for help with implementing the Superpave system-namely, a specially trained team of 20 FHWA field engineers (see sidebar). The engineers will extend the reach of the Superpave Technology Delivery Team, which provides overall coordination and oversight for FHWA's Superpave program.

To bring them up to speed on the new specifications and tests, as well as construction techniques, FHWA recently held an intense, 1-week training session for the members of the extended Superpave Technology Delivery Team.

"The extended Superpave team will be in the best position to respond, on a daily basis, to project concerns and other local issues," says Gary Henderson, leader of the Superpave Technology Delivery Team. "They will be 'hands-on,' involved with the regional asphalt user-producer groups, the Superpave centers, and other State and regional groups."

The team's responsibilities include

According to the Maryland Division's Jitesh Parikh, who attended the training program, "The extended Superpave technology delivery team will be able to communicate with, and provide technical help to, a wide variety of partners-counties, States, and contractors. Working with local agencies is high on our agenda in Maryland, because the State is soon going to be exclusively specifying Superpave binders and mixes. Since many localities refer to State specs in their specs, they will need to quickly acquire the technical background necessary to supervise a Superpave project."

For more information, contact Gary Henderson at 202-366-1549 (fax: 202-366-9981; email: gary.henderson@fhwa.dot.gov).

Extended Superpave Delivery Team

    Telephone Fax Email
Maryland Division Jitesh Parikh 410-962-4342, ext. 128 410-962-4054 jitesh.parikh@fhwa.dot.gov
Massachusetts Division Greg Doyle 617-494-3355 617-494-3279 gregory.j.doyle@fhwa.dot.gov
Region 6 Ross Martinez 817-978-3924 817-978-4144 ross.martinez@fhwa.dot.gov
Washington Division Cathy Nicholas 360-753-9412 360-753-9889 cathy.nicholas@fhwa.dot.gov
Region 7 Ken Archuleta 816-276-2732 816-363-3347 kenneth.archuleta@fhwa.dot.gov
Kansas Division Dennis Dvorak 785-267-7286 785-267-7290 dennis.dvorak@fhwa.dot.gov
Western Federal Lands Division Brad Neitzke 360-696-7725 360-696-7846 brad.neitzke@fhwa.dot.gov
Pennsylvania Division Jean Sexton 771-221-2290 771-221-4553 jean.m.sexton@fhwa.dot.gov
Illinois Division Rick Drumm 217-492-4627 217-492-4621 rick.drumm@fhwa.dot.gov
Eastern Federal Lands Division Marcel Vivier 703-285-2125 703-285-0123 marcel.vivier@fhwa.dot.gov
Indiana Division Lee Gallivan 317-226-7493 317-226-7341 victor.gallivan@fhwa.dot.gov
Arkansas Division Lester Frank 501-324-6428 501-324-6423 lester.frank@fhwa.dot.gov
South Carolina Division David Law 803-253-3886 803-253-3989 david.law@fhwa.dot.gov
Florida Division Greg Schiess 850-942-9685 850-942-9691 greg.l.schiess@fhwa.dot.gov
North Dakota Division Roger Hoovestol 701-250-4340 701-250-4395 roger.hoovestol@fhwa.dot.gov
Montana Division Mark Zitzka 406-441-1221, ext. 234 406-441-1235 mark.zitzka@fhwa.dot.gov
Puerto Rico Division Jose Torres 787-766-5600 787-766-5924 jose.torres@fhwa.dot.gov
Vermont Division Jim Bush 802-828-4423 802-828-4424 james.v.bush@fhwa.dot.gov
Region 4 Bernie Kuta 404-562-3685 404-562-3700 bernie.kuta@fhwa.dot.gov
California Division Jeff Lewis 916-498-5835 916-498-5008 jeff.lewis@fhwa.dot.gov

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