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Federal Highway Administration / Publications / Focus / March 1999

Accelerating Infrastructure Innovations

Date: March 1999

In Brief

Joe Mickes, chief engineer of the Missouri Highway and Transportation Department, has retired after 41 years with the department. During his tenure, he was a strong supporter of the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) and the implementation of the resulting SHRP products. This support was reflected in his service as chairman of the Transportation Research Board (TRB)-SHRP Committee and as a member of the AASHTO Task Force on SHRP Implementation. He also served as a member of TRB's Executive Committee.

Mickes will continue to serve as a consultant to the department and will chair the new TRB Superpave Committee. He is succeeded by Henry Hungerbeeler, who recently retired as a colonel in the U.S. Air Force after a 30-year career.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (DOT) recently released a SHRP Products Catalog that details the status of product implementation within the State, including products that have been recommended for routine use, products that are under evaluation, and products that have not been evaluated or have been rejected for use. Fifty-two products have been recommended for routine use, including the pavement repair materials guidelines, the flashing stop/slow paddle, the queue length detector, the anti-icing operations guide, and the chemical test for alkali-silica reactivity detection. For more information, contact Andrew Reed at Pennsylvania DOT, 717-783-3392 (fax: 717-783-5955).

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