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Public Roads
This magazine is an archived publication and may contain dated technical, contact, and link information.
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Publication Number:      Date:  May/June 2000
Issue No: Vol. 63 No. 6
Date: May/June 2000



Vol. 1, No. 1 -- The First Issue of Public Roads, May 1918

by Richard F. Weingroff

The first issue gives us a window into the concerns of its time, which are, in some ways, unique to the era, but then again, some things seem to never change.

IDAS: A Tool for Integrating ITS Into The Planning Process

by Gene McHale

IDAS is designed to pick up where the traditional four-step planning models end.

Turbo Architecture: A Tool for Leveraging the National ITS Architecture

by the National ITS Architecture Team

Turbo Architecture is a software tool that makes it significantly easier to build ITS architectures using the National ITS Architecture as a reference.

Communities of Practice

by Mike Burk

Communities of practice are networks that identify issues, share approaches, and make the results available to others.

Middle School Students Design Future Cities

During National Engineers Week, student teams were recognized for their creativity in designing cities of the future.

The Partnership Initiative: A Unified Agenda for Highway Research and Technology

by Michael Halladay

The goal is a national R&T agenda and the outlining of appropriate roles for all participants in a robust R&T program.

Vermont Rest Area Uses Green Wastewater Treatment System

by Molly Farrell, Liz Van der Hoven, and Tedann Olsen

Vermont installed a modular sewage-to-reuse system to recycle wastewater back into the restrooms of a rest area to flush toilets.

The Federal Transportation Livability Initiative -- Building Livable Communities for the 21st Century

by Elizabeth E. Fischer

Livable communities adhere to "smart growth" practices to ensure a better quality of life and strong, sustainable economic growth.

An Australian Road Review

by Bonnie L. Harper-Lore

FHWA's roadside vegetation specialist gets a firsthand view of the Australian perspective of vegetation management.

Advantages of the Split Intersection

by Joe G. Bared and Evangelos I. Kaiser

By separating the opposing directions of traffic, the split intersection facilitates smoother traffic flows with less delay.

One Mile in Five: Debunking the Myth

by Richard F. Weingroff

It is not true that one mile in five on the Interstate Highway System must be straight to serve as an emergency airstrip.

National Transportation Week, May 14-20

A number of activities are planned to focus attention on the role of transportation in the United States.



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