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Publication Number:      Date:  Sept/Oct 2000
Issue No: Vol. 64 No. 2
Date: Sept/Oct 2000


National Highway Institute(NHI)

New Courses Offered

Highway Materials Engineering (#13123) presents applied knowledge in highway engineering materials and quality control. This six-week course will be offered January 29-March 16, 2001, at the University of Nevada in Reno for a fee of $4000. The class covers materials control and acceptance/quality assurance; soil and foundations; steels, welding, and coatings; aggregates and unbound bases; asphalt materials and paving mixtures; and portland cement concrete.

The course is targeted toward new, or future, state district materials engineers. For more information or to request an application, contact Michael Rafalowski at (202) 366-1571 or michael.rafalowski@fhwa.dot.gov. Applications are due no later than November 10, 2000.

Superpave Fundamentals (#13153) explains the fundamental concepts of Superpave technology and addresses the requirements, benefits, and impacts of the Superpave system. The content focuses on implementation strategies for transportation agencies and describes how to incorporate this evolving technology into paving programs. The course is intended for engineers and technicians who are responsible for road repair and maintenance.

Pavement Preservation: The Preventive Maintenance Concept (#13154) introduces the concept of preventive maintenance of pavement, including a description of currently available tools and technology that make the implementation of a preventive maintenance program for pavement feasible. Targeting an audience of upper management and policy makers in highway agencies, the course focuses on the information needed to develop or improve a preventive maintenance program. This is the first in a series of four courses on the general subject of pavement preservation.

Principles of Writing Highway Construction Specifications (#13401) addresses the engineering aspects, legal aspects, and linguistics of writing specifications. Although not a course in technical writing, it teaches students how to draft new specifications or to rewrite existing ones into clear, readable, and definitive statements of contract requirements.

Personnel working in contract administration, design, materials selection and quality control, and management of highway construction, including contribution of information in contract provisions, could benefit from this course.

Visit the NHI Web site to find the nearest course locations, or call course coordinator Lynn Cadarr at (703) 235-0528.



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