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Publication Number:      Date:  July/August 2002
Issue No: Vol. 66 No. 1
Date: July/August 2002


The National Highway Institute (NHI) Training Update

901 N. Stuart Street, Suite 300
Arlington, VA 22203

NHI's Road Safety Audits Course Available

The National Highway Institute (NHI) is offering a 2-day course, "Road Safety Audits and Road Safety Audit Reviews" (course #380069).

Participants in this training will learn how to improve transportation safety by applying two new proactive approaches called Road Safety Audits and Road Safety Audit Reviews. These techniques provide examinations of future and existing roadways by independent, qualified audit teams.

The course includes "hands-on" application of the training materials, which include such topics as:

  1. Road Safety Audit definition and history
  2. Why care about safety
  3. Stages of a Road Safety Audit
  4. Details on how to conduct a Road Safety Audit
  5. Easy-to-use checklists
  6. Legal considerations

The training provides practical information on how to conduct a Road Safety Audit. Participants will receive a copy of the Road Safety Audits and Road Safety Audit Reviews Reference Manual.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

The course is intended primarily for Federal, State, and local transportation personnel who are likely to serve on a Road Safety Audit team, as well as consultants who conduct highway safety studies.

To schedule the course, contact NHI's Danielle Mathis-Lee at 703-235-0528, danielle.mathis-lee@fhwa.dot.gov. For technical information on the course, contact Hari Kalla at 202-366-5915, hari.kalla@fhwa.dot.gov.

Photo of section of precast concrete pavement pilot roadway in Georgetown, TX
The finished test section from a precast concrete pavement pilot project near Georgetown, TX, opened to traffic in March 2002. See "Texas Tests Precast for Speed and Usability".




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