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Publication Number:      Date:  May/June 2002
Issue No: Vol. 65 No. 6
Date: May/June 2002



Arizona Tackles Work Zone Delays

by Alan Hansen

The Southwest contributes two innovative operational enhancements that might help keep traffic flowing smoothly during your construction projects as well. This is the blurb for the Table of Contents and the layout.

A Hallmark of Context-Sensitive Design

by Steve Moler

The reconstruction of U.S. 93 through Montana's Flathead Indian Reservation showcases one State's groundbreaking effort to build a safe, efficient highway while protecting wildlife and respecting Native American culture.

Safer Roads Thanks to ITS

by Hui Wang, Patrick Hasson, and Mac Lister

Today's Intelligent Transportation Systems hold the promise of sunnier times ahead for our roads—fewer crashes, injuries, and fatalies.

Do Better Roads Mean More Jobs?

by Ellen Schweppe

Elected officials are turning to FHWA for advice on the impact of highwayson economic development and funding.

Exciting Opportunity for ITS Work

by Miriam Heller, Thomas F. Humphrey, William Jones, Priscilla Nelson, and Jeff Paniati

A new NSF and DOT partnership offers grants for innovative, long-term, basic transportation research on Intelligent Transportation Systems.

See It Before It's Built

by Richard E. McDaniel

Visualization technology is cheaper, faster, and more precise than drawing proposed road projects by hand.

Roadway Lighting Revisited

by Patrick Hasson and Paul Lutkevich

A European tour to look at the newest international approaches turned up a number of recommendations that may help reduce nighttime fatalities related to poor visibility on roadways.

The Man Who Loved Roads

by Richard F. Weingroff

By all rights, President Truman should have been the "Father of the Interstate System," but he gave that place in history to his successor.

Benefitting from LTPP—A State's Perspective

by Gary Hoffman

Pennsylvania catalogs the successes of the Long Term Pavement Performance Program in helping to improve the Commonwealth's highways.




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