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Publication Number:      Date:  September/October 2004
Issue No: Vol. 68 No. 2
Date: September/October 2004



Taking the High Road

by Christina Slattery and Steve Jacobitz

Two States share different approaches to protecting historic and cultural resources along America's highways.

The Space Between

by Dana Alexander Nolfe

An innovative infill project helped the Rhode Island DOT replace an aging bridge while preserving part of the original structure as a bike and pedestrian route.

Designing Tomorrow's Pavements

by John D'Angelo, Suneel Vanikar, and Katherine Petros

The new guide and software may become the national approach for creating and rehabilitating roadway surfaces.

Learning from the 2003 Blackout

by Allan J. DeBlasio, Terrance J. Regan, Margaret E. Zirker, Kristin Lovejoy, and Kate Fichter

Massive power outages offer multiple lessons on how to position the transportation system for optimal performance during disasters.

Rustic Pavements

by Michael P. Dallaire and Scott A. Saunders

Synthetic binders could help designers create more aesthetically pleasing roadways.

I-95 Shutdown—Coordinating Transportation and Emergency Response

by David Buck, Breck Jeffers, and Alvin Marquess

Emergency planning, unified command, and communication are key to managing a high-profile crash on I–95 near Baltimore, MD.

Traffic Safety Information Systems

by Michael S. Griffith and Barbara Hilger DeLucia

An international scan aimed to find strategies for improving safety data.

Preventing Corrosion in Steel Bridges

by Shuang-Ling Chong

FHWA researchers evaluate the accuracy and reliability of three chloride test kits to determine their performance and accuracy.

The Uncertainty of Forecasts

by John S. Miller

When it comes to forecasting transportation demand over long time horizons, this author contends that some trends are more reliable than others.

Testing Truncated Domes

by Mark Chandler

Accessibility guidelines for the disabled require detectable warnings on all curb ramps. Here's how some States are getting the job done right.




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