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Publication Number:  FHWA-HRT-06-005    Date:  July/August 2006
Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-06-005
Issue No: Vol. 70 No. 1
Date: July/August 2006



Bridging the Financial Gap With PPPs

by Michael Saunders

The private sector is taking on new roles as States seek to meet more public needs with fewer dollars.

Composting Roadkilled Deer

by Elisabeth Kolb

Researchers in New York State are studying an alternative method for disposing of animals killed in roadway collisions.

An Orphaned Highway

by Michael Kulbacki, Bert McCauley, and Steve Moler

Reconstruction and emergency repairs aim to resolve longstanding ownership and maintenance troubles for a historic roadway near Yellowstone.

Living To Tell the Tale

by Ann H. Do and David L. Harkey

A new version of PBCAT helps identify the maneuvers that lead to traffic crashes involving pedestrians and bicyclists so DOTs can select appropriate safety countermeasures.

Ramping Up Ramp Management

by James Colyar, Jason J. Stribiak, Les Jacobson, and Lisa Y. Nelson

A new FHWA handbook details the importance of managing freeway entrance and exit facilities for optimal mobility and safety.

Saving Colorado's Berthoud Pass

by Nancy Shanks

A sediment storage system is helping preserve the pristine environment surrounding a scenic highway in the Rocky Mountains./p>

Improving the Reliability of Freight Travel

by Crystal Jones and Joanne Sedor

A new FHWA initiative applies vehicle-monitoring technologies to develop performance measures for the movement of goods around the Nation.

Marking the Way to Greater Safety

by Gene Amparano and David A. Morena

Bigger and brighter signs, more conspicuous signals, and wider stripes are among the innovations making highways safer for older road users.



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