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Publication Number:  FHWA-HRT-2007-002 Vol. 70 No. 4    Date:  Jan/Feb 2007
Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-2007-002 Vol. 70 No. 4
Date: Jan/Feb 2007


The National Highway Institute (NHI)

by Alyssa Gold

NHI Offers Certificates of Accomplishment

Since 1970, the National Highway Institute (NHI), the training arm of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), has offered an ever-expanding variety of courses directly relevant to the training needs of the transportation industry. With courses ranging from beginner to advanced levels, providing both a breadth of topics and a depth of study have remained hallmarks of the NHI training mission. To recognize transportation professionals as they learn, build, and refine their skills in specific topic areas, NHI recently announced the availability of certificates of accomplishment in selected disciplines.

Launched in October 2006, the certificates of accomplishment represent "suites" of complementary NHI courses —— bundled together — that enable participants to enhance their depth and breadth of knowledge and expertise in specific disciplines. According to Rick Barnaby, training programs team leader at NHI, the certificate initiative was prompted by customer feedback and requests from partners in the transportation industry.

"The NHI certificates of accomplishment recognize individuals who have successfully completed and achieved passing grades in their chosen areas," Barnaby says. "Participants benefit from expert instruction, delivered by NHI-approved subject matter experts with real-world experience in their fields."

NHI's first certificates of accomplishment are available for two subject areas: work zone safety and relocation under the Uniform Act.

Work Zone Safety

The NHI certificate of accomplishment in work zone safety provides best practices to help practitioners design, operate, and maintain highway work zones that improve safety for workers and the driving public. The following courses make up the suite in work zone safety:

These courses are designed for personnel from FHWA, State departments of transportation (DOTs), county and local governments, and individuals from the private sector who are responsible for designing, installing, monitoring, and inspecting traffic control devices and strategies in work zones.

Relocation Under the Uniform Act

FHWA serves as the lead agency on all real estate issues governed by the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970, as amended (Uniform Act). On January 4, 2005, FHWA revised the final rule for the Uniform Act, which outlines Federal guidelines and responsibilities with regard to treating and compensating individuals, families, and businesses displaced as a result of Federal or federally funded projects.

To ensure that transportation personnel working in this arena have an appropriate understanding of these requirements, NHI offers a series of courses focused on the Uniform Act. The relocation certificate of accomplishment encompasses three newly updated courses that address both residential and business relocation issues related to moves governed by the Uniform Act. The courses range from basic residential moves to advanced relocation topics to complex business relocations.

Specifically, the certificate of accomplishment in Relocation under the Uniform Act comprises the following courses:

The courses target transportation and relocation professionals from FHWA and other Federal agencies, State DOTs, metropolitan planning organizations, local governments, and individuals from the private sector who work with or are interested in relocation issues. The courses in this suite are the only formal training prepared by FHWA for the Uniform Act. The purpose and focus are directly related to the requirements for all projects using Federal funding.


Any course sessions successfully completed and passed within the chosen NHI course suite since January 1, 2004, are eligible for credit toward earning a certificate of accomplishment. Sessions attended prior to that date are not eligible, and no waivers or substitutions will be accepted. All the courses in the suite must be completed within 4 years of taking the first course. To be eligible to receive a certificate of accomplishment, participants must complete and pass the exam for each course in the suite.

To schedule a session or request a certificate of accomplishment, contact the NHI Training Coordinator at 703-235-0534 or nhitraining@dot.gov. To learn more about NHI certificates of accomplishment or other courses, visit the NHI Web site at www.nhi.fhwa.dot.gov or contact NHI at 703-235-0500 (phone) or 703-235-0593 (fax).

Alyssa Gold is a contractor for NHI.



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