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Publication Number:  FHWA-HRT-08-002    Date:  Jan/Feb 2008
Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-08-002
Issue No: Vol. 71 No. 4
Date: Jan/Feb 2008


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Title: Coordination of Human Service Transportation

On the left side of this information graphic are a number of red circles connecting to a square that represents the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Lines also connect some of the circles to each other, with the circles representing the following programs: Medicaid, Development Disabilities, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Family Assistance, Children and Families, Medicare and Medicaid Services, Office of the Secretary, Social Services Block Grants, Child Care Bureau, Community Services, Aging, Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, Head Start, Health Resources and Services, and Substance Abuse and Mental Health.

Below the red circles are a number of green circles that connect to a circle labeled Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation and to a square representing the U.S. Department of Education. The green circles are Centers for Independent Living, Rehabilitation Services Administration, Office of Special Education Programs, and Disability Rehab and Research.

Below the green circles are two blue-gray ones that connect to a square representing the U.S. Department of Labor. The blue-gray circles are Office of Disability Employment Policy and Employment Training Agency.

Below those are a number of orange circles connecting to the U.S. Department of Transportation: Office of the Secretary, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Departmental Office of Civil Rights, Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy, Federal Transit Administration, Urbanized Grant Program, Elderly and Disability Program, Rural Grant Program, and Job Access Reverse Commute Program.

All of these programs connect to a central block labeled Federal Agencies & Grant Dollars. That block in turn connects to a yellow block labeled State Governors and Cabinet Secretaries and another labeled Local Government.

The programs under HHS, Labor, and Transportation also have lines linking them directly with State and local programs on the right of the diagram. Blue circles at the top right are labeled Private Paratransit, Area Agency on Aging, Rural Transit Operators, Special Ed Transportation, and Faith-Based Transit. Turquoise circles on the far right are labeled Family, Health Care, Education, Employment, Shopping, Recreation, and Independence. Additional blue circles on the bottom right are labeled Medical Transit Provider, Private Taxi, Head Start, ADA Paratransit, Transit Pass, Local Transportation Authority, and Disability Service Provider.
Credit: Source: USDOT.

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Title: One Vision of Enhanced Human Service Transportation

In this information diagram, circles on the left side of the diagram represent a consumer with mobility needs and are labeled Employment, Independence, Education, Recreation, Family, and Health Care. The circles are linked to the photo of a person in the center labeled One Call. Below the circles are squares representing transportation service providers with a number of boxes labeled Private Taxi, Public Transit Authority, ADA Paratransit, Medical Transit Provider, Faith Based Transit, Head Start, Agency on Aging, Transit Pass, and Disability Service Provider. These are linked to each other and to the One Call in the center of the diagram.

On the right side of the diagram a box is labeled U.S. State and Local Government Funds, Policies, and Regulations, with two photos of government buildings. There is a line linking One Call to this box. A box below that is labeled Funding Agencies and is linked to the One Call and to the government box. Green circles beneath the funding agencies are labeled Transportation, Interior, Social Security, Housing, Veterans Affairs, Agriculture, HHS, Labor, and Education, with a bag labeled with a dollar sign in the center of the green circles.

In this example of an ITS-enhanced coordinated human service transportation system, the center of the system represents a single point of access for all users. The users include those who wish to obtain information or request services, transportation service providers that coordinate and share information and resources, and funding and legislative entities that strive to establish accountable and quality transportation services to needy individuals and families. ITS plays an enabling role to turn the vision into a reality by connecting the various components as an integrated whole. Ultimately, the integrated system can facilitate not only operational coordination, but also cost sharing on capital acquisitions such as vehicle purchases and infrastructure building.
Credit: Source: USDOT.

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