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Nov/Dec 2008
Vol. 71 · No. 6

Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-09-001


The Quest for Zero Fatalities

by Summer Clarke

A comprehensive program aims to eliminate deaths on Utah's roadways.

LTAP/TTAP: 25 Years of Service

by Denise Saunders and Donna Shea

Local and Tribal Technical Assistance Programs rise to the challenge of meeting transportation needs at the local level.

Higher Gas Efficiency Equals Lower Fuel Revenues

by Ron Hagquist

A Texas study shows that drastically higher motor fuel taxes—or something else—will be needed soon to compensate for revenue losses from increasing vehicle fuel efficiency.

Deploying Technology in Challenging Terrain

by H. Gabriella Armstrong, Amit Armstrong, Gary L. Brown, and Roger W. Surdahl.

Now 25 years old, the Federal Lands Highway Program is still making out-of-the-way places safely accessible.

Bringing Freight Lessons Home

by Tony Furst

Lessons from other nations on improving freight transportation indicate the need to set a clear national vision and coordinate public and private action effectively.

News on Nanotechnology

by Surendra P. Shah, Paramita Mondal, Raissa P. Ferron, Nathan Tregger, and Zhihui Sun

Recent nanoscience research improves understanding of cement and concrete properties and looks to the next generation of highway pavements.

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