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Jan/Feb 2009
Vol. 72 · No. 4

Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-09-002


Bicyclist- and Pedestrian-Only Roundabouts

by Jeffrey Shaw and Steve Moler

Facilities dedicated solely to nonmotorized traffic are an emerging development for improving mobility and reducing injury and fatality rates.

The Sound of Safety

by Kohinoor Kar and Richard S. Weeks

Arizona's findings point to centerline rumble strips for reducing lane departure crashes.

UHPC Making Strides

by Benjamin A. Graybeal

Progress is continuing on implementing ultra-high performance concrete technology on the U.S. highway system, even while some challenges remain.

Bringing Innovations to Market

by Julie Zirlin

FHWA's Technology Partnerships Program smoothes deployment in the transportation industry.

Fostering a Culture of Ethics

by Jim H. Crumpacker

Establishing and maintaining strong moral standards in the workplace are essential to building public trust and delivering the transportation program effectively.

Electronic Freight Management

by Randy W. Butler

USDOT's new EFM system provides an accurate, efficient, and inexpensive Web-based method of tracking the transport of goods across the world.

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