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November/December 2012
Vol. 76 · No. 3

Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-13-001


The Car of the Future, Today

by Diane Turchetta

Plug-in electric vehicles have the potential to be a cleaner, more sustainable option for personal travel than conventional vehicles. But market penetration will take time.

Managing Traffic Signals During Storms

by Ahmed Abdel-Rahim and C. Y. David Yang

Using weather data from the Clarus Initiative, researchers have developed a prototype system that could help reduce crashes at intersections.

They’re Small But Powerful

by Wei Zhang, Joe Bared, and Ramanujan Jagannathan

An FHWA study offers recommendations for constructing miniroundabouts to reduce congestion and improve safety at intersections throughout the United States.

Spotlight on Solar Arrays

by Allison Hamilton

Surprise: showery Oregon is a leader in using renewable energy along highways to meet sustainability goals, reduce carbon footprints, support local green jobs—and develop new revenue streams.

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