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Publication Number:  FHWA-HRT-16-006     Date:  September/October 2016
Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-16-006
Issue No: Vol. 80 No. 2
Date: September/October 2016



FHWA-HRT-16-006 Public Roads September/October 2016 Cover Image

Building a Culture of Innovation

by Gregory G. Nadeau

The fourth round of Every Day Counts will help to drive additional proven practices and technologies into mainstream use.

The Power of Inclusion

by Mohammed Yousuf and Kristine Garfield

Interagency Federal research is giving a voice to all travelers, including those with disabilities, through accessible transportation technologies.

Harnessing Technology To Ease the Way

by David Kuehn

FHWA’s EAR Program is mapping a path forward for the development of assistive navigation tools for visually impaired pedestrians.

A Great Day in America: USDOT’s 50th Anniversary

by Richard F. Weingroff

Pulling together the Nation’s transportation agencies was not a new idea, but it took a determined President and a supportive Congress to make it happen in 1966.

How to Make Better Decisions on Addressing Pavement Needs

by Beth Visintine, Gonzalo R. Rada, James M. Bryce, Senthil Thyagarajan, and Nadarajah Sivaneswaran

New research argues that focusing on the remaining service interval is a more effective management strategy than fixing the worst first or threshold-driven approaches.

Big Data

by Tianjia Tang and Gene McHale

Collecting, storing, and processing transportation information is presenting new challenges but also new opportunities to track travel.

Where Were You Looking?

by Ashley A. Stafford Sewall, William A. Perez, and C.Y. David Yang

FHWA equips field research vehicles with tracking technology to gather data on drivers’ eye glances to recommend practices and countermeasures to improve transportation safety.



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