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Public Roads
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Publication Number:  FHWA-HRT-17-006    Date:  September 2017
Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-17-006
Issue No: Vol. 81 No. 2
Date: September 2017



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Monarch butterflies like these two are among the pollinator species that are in decline. The eastern population of the iconic monarch butterfly has declined by more than 80 percent since 1996. Loss of the monarch's breeding habitat - milkweed - is a significant factor contributing to this decline. To learn more, see "Save the Bees and Butterflies!" on page 4 in this issue of Public Roads.

Save the Bees and Butterflies!

by Deirdre Remley and Allison Redmon

By managing roadside vegetation, transportation agencies can help conserve the pollinators that are essential to the production of our food. Without them, we’d starve.

Breaking Down Project Complexities

by Carlos F. Figueroa and Amy Nagel

The Washington State DOT is using a SHRP2 product to manage a multimodal ferry terminal replacement in downtown Seattle.

What’s in Your Asphalt?

by Terence S. Arnold

Recently, State highway agencies and FHWA were amazed by a discovery: The clandestine use of re-refined engine oil bottoms in asphalt is widespread.

Getting a Grip on Risks

by Laurie Butts, Carlos F. Figueroa, and Dianne Gunther

The Pennsylvania DOT is conducting a structured approach for managing threats and opportunities on a bridge replacement - and it is proving to be useful.

What’s New Today Is Mainstream Tomorrow

by Thomas Harman

The third round of Every Day Counts produced record milestones in the number of States incorporating innovations, creating momentum for the next round.

Watch for Me

by Loretta W. Barren and Norah Davis

North Carolina has established a promising program to reduce the number of bicyclists and pedestrians hit by automobiles. Could your State try something like this?



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