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Publication Number:      Date:  Summer 1995
Issue No: Vol. 59 No. 1
Date: Summer 1995



Featuring developments in federal highway policies, programs and research technology

Metrication of Roadside Hardware

by Malcolm H. Ray

The recently updated Guide to Standardized Highway Barrier Rail Hardware contains some important recommendations regarding metrication of roadside safety hardware.

Performance of Epoxy-Coated Prestressing Strands at Elevated Temperatures

by Glenn A. Washer

The findings of a recent series of experiments to determine the temperature at which epoxy softening causes slip, the effect of slip on the stress in the strands and the transfer length, and the effect of cyclic temperature variations are summarized.

The Local Technical Assistance Program: Key Areas of Accomplishment

by Patsy Pratt Anderson

A recent survey of local transportation officials in 39 states reveals the most beneficial aspects of this technology transfer program.

Fifteen years of HPMS Partnership: Accomplishments and Future Directions

by Norman C. Mueller

The Highway performance Monitoring System helps measure the investment accountability of vast amounts of public funds; provides a variety of information to Congress for evaluating highway programs and funding; and serves the analytical needs of FHWA, the transportation community, business, industry, and the general public.

INTERCHANGE: Global Road Transport Knowledge Exchange Work

by Ray G. Griffith

INTERCHANGE, which is to be operational by 1995, will make available to road professionals throughout the world a vast storehouse of technical, managerial, and policy-related information.

Metric Conversion: How Soon?

by David Smith

More than 200 years after the metric system began to spread throughout the world, the United States shares the dubvious distinction with Burma and Liberia as one of only three nations that has not converted to the modern metric system. FHWA is trying to rectify this situation.

The Top Truck and Bus Safety Issues

by Stan Hamilton

The first Truck and Bus Safety Summit in Kansas City, Mo., recently identified the 17 most significant truck and bus safety issues.

Bridge Research: Leading the Way to the Future

by James D. Cooper and Eric Munley

The nation spends at least $5 billion per year for highway bridge design, construction, replacement, and rehabilitation. Although the amount of new construction and the number of deficient bridges have declined, the amount of expenditures continues to rise.

Crossing the Delaware!
by Mike Britt, W. Denney Pate, and Lou Triandafilou

A unique combination of contractor prequalification, design preparation, structural details, and precast concrete segmental construction was used to build the Delaware state Route 1 bridge over the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal.

TransGuide leads the Way in Innovative Transportation Management

by Vincent P. Pearce

TransGuide is san Antonio's new state-of-the-art traffic management system that emphasizes intermodal/interagency cooperation and innovation in technology and procurement.

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