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Publication Number:      Date:  July/August 1997
Issue No: Vol. 61 No. 1
Date: July/August 1997



A Preliminary Field Evaluation of Ultraviolet-Activated Flourescent Roadway Delineation

by Karen R. Mahach, Richard L. Knoblach, Carole J. Simmons, Marsha Nitzburg, John B. Arens, and Samuel C. Tignor

A two-part study by the Federal Highway Administration shows that drivers can see ultraviolet roadway markings at a greater distance in comparison with standard roadway markings.

WesTrack: Putting ITS to Work

by Colin Ashmore and Terry M. Mitchell

The WesTrack Driverless Control System, which controls three driverless heavy trucks circling the WesTrack course at 65 km/h, is addressing issues that are very similiar to the real-world requirements of an automated highway system.

Nondestructive Evaluation for Bridge Management in the Next Century

by Steven B. Chase and Glenn Washer

FHWA is sponsoring a large program for research and development in new technologies for the nondestructive evaluation of highway bridges.

Overcoming an Identity Crisis: The Intelligent Transportation Industry and ITS America's National Awareness Campaign

by James Costantino

ITS America has initiated a campaign to elevate awareness of intelligent transportation benefits among the general public, industry leaders, and public officials.

Demo '97: Proving AHS Works

In August 1997, a proof-of-technical-feasibility demonstration will be conducted in San Diego to show that an automated highway system is a viable and practical option for meeting travel demands and enhancing mobility without building new highways.

Steel Bridge Coatings Research

by Robert Kogler and Shuang-Ling Chong

The FHWA's High-Priority National Program Area for bridge coatings research aims to define the most cost-effective means of protecting steel bridges with durable coatings.

Congress Battles Over Successor to ISTEA

by Cynthia Burbank and S. Lawrence Paulson

Several versions of legislation defining the federal highway program and its budget are under consideration by Congress.

Truckers Deliver a Piece of Their Mind

by Stan Hamilton

About 200 truck drivers at seven "listening sessions" make known their views on how the hours-of-service regulations should be changed.

Transportation Asset Management

by Charles Nemmers

"Asset Management promises to be an important planning and decision-making tool to assist transportation officials to systematically maintain, upgrade, and operate physical assets, such as roadways and bridges.

The Phoenix

by Kathy A. Conrad

An Oregon artist sculptures life-size replicas of geese, swans, and cranes from trees removed to accomodate a highway expansion project.



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