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Publication Number:      Date:  Winter 1997
Issue No: Vol. 60 No. 3
Date: Winter 1997



"Quality Journey" Update: Results That Make A Difference

by Margherita DiCenzo and Trish Day

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is on a "quality journey" to improve processes and procedures.

The Highway Safety Information System: Transforming Data Into Knowledge

by Jeffrey F. Paniati and Forrest M. Council

HSIS provides information about the safety performance of the highway system and, more specifically, the effects that changes in highway design and operations have on safety.

Architects of Change: Creating America's 21st Century Intermodal Transportation System

by Rodney E. Slater

ISTEA logoThe Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 (ISTEA) was the first step in adapting our post-Interstate, 20th century transportation network to the demands of the 21st century. Now, through the process of developing the post-ISTEA legislation in 1997, this administration, Congress, and the transportation community are architects of change.

The Road to Reauthorization: Building on the Success of ISTEA

by Cheryl Hoffman and Lawrence Paulson

ISTEA logo FHWA is well into the process of developing the post-ISTEA legislation that will usher the nation's transportation system into the 21st century.

Keep the Good Times Rolling: ISTEA Success Stories

by Cheryl Hoffman and Lawrence Paulson

ISTEA logoThere are many "success stories" to illustrate the immense impact of ISTEA

Development of a Bridge Steel Database

by Glenn Washer and Greg Nelson

The Historic Bridge Steel Database consolidates information from various studies so that it can be widely used.

South Carolina Trooper is Top Inspector

by Stan Hamilton

Trooper Alonzo Hutto comes out on top in a five-day, international contest to inspect commercial vehicles to detect mechanical defects and other vehicle and driver safety hazards.

Timber Bridges in the United States

by Sheila Rimal Duwadi and Michael A. Ritter

Historically, timber was the primary material for bridges. Thousands of timber bridges still exist today, and state and local authorities continue to build some bridges with wood.

Internet Watch

by Dick Stirba

This article introduces a new, regular feature in Public Roads; Internet Watch will track new and interesting developments in transportation resources on the Internet.

Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Piers: A Bridge From the Past to the Present

by Doug Rekenthaler

A GRS pier at the Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center was loaded to 9800 kilonewtons (2.2 million pounds force) and could have supported more.

Closing the Technology Gap

by David C. Smith

ISTEA logo The state of the art in technology, in many cases, is well beyond the state of practice in the U.S. transportation community. Addressing this "technology gap" is foremeost in the minds of FHWA planners as reauthorization approaches.

Moving Forward Smartly: The Role of ITS in the NEXTEA

by Jeff Lindley

ISTEA logo Intelligent transportation systems are essential tools for improving the nation's transportation system in the next century. The post-ISTEA legislation must address the challenges and choices to accelerate ITS deployment.



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