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Publication Number:      Date:  Jan/Feb 1998
Issue No: Vol. 62 No. 4
Date: Jan/Feb 1998


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The National Highway Institute (NHI)

901 N. Stuart Street, Suite 300

Arlington, VA 22203


Delivering Solutions for a World in Motion

New Training Courses

Superpave courses are now ready! NHI and its technical experts from FHWA are proud to present:

Superpave for Senior Managers (Course #13151)

Superpave for the Generalist Engineer & Project Staff (Course #13152)

Superpave for Local Governments (Course #13153)

NHI also has available three new courses that provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the geotechnical engineering involved in the development of surface transportation projects. In the future, these three courses will be incorporated as modules into the four-week course entitled Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering (Course #13216). For course descriptions, please refer to our online Course Catalog on the NHI web page.

Subsurface Investigations (Course #13231) - 3 days

Earth Retaining Structures (Course #13236) - 2½ days

Geotechnical Instrumentation (Course #13241) - 1 day

The course Highway Safety Features (Course #38034) was rolled out only a couple of months ago, and already it has been booked by 10 different state transportation agencies! Officially titled "Design, Construction, and Maintenance of Highway Safety Appurtenances and Features," it is offered as a one-, two-, or three-day course, the length depending on the modules chosen. In this course, participants will learn the purpose and performance requirements of state-of-the-art highway safety features, such as breakaway sign supports, breakaway utility poles, traffic barriers, impact attenuators, and traversable terrain and hardware features.

NHI is also accepting requests for its new course Developing Traffic Control Strategies (Course #13332). This course helps transportation professionals develop plans that improve traffic flow through construction zones. In addition, the course teaches how to redirect traffic so that construction projects can be completed more quickly.

A new hydrology course, Practical Highway Hydrology (Course #13067), has been developed and is ready. This course's primary aim is to help designers effectively estimate the flows needed for use in a defensible design. NHI recognizes that roadway designers are continually required to size culverts, pavement inlets, detention basins, and bridges and, therefore, need to know how much flow for which to design and how often they can expect a given magnitude of flow. This course is based on the new FHWA Hydraulic Design Series Number 2 (HDS-2) entitled "Highway Hydrology."

Better Access to Training

A transportation professional can receive training from NHI in two ways: The first way is to contact your training director to find out if your organization is already planning to order the NHI course that interests you. The second way is to attend a conference at which NHI is delivering a training course or workshop. For example, NHI will deliver four pavement courses at the Asphalt Conference and Expo (ACE) in Atlanta, Ga., from March 22 to 25. The courses will cover: hot-mix asphalt construction, hot-mix asphalt production facilities, pavement recycling, and Superpave. To register for the conference and to enroll in the NHI courses, contact Group III Communications at (800) 355-1860.



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